“छू लो जो मुझे तुम कभी
खो ना जाऊं मैं रात दिन
नज़रों में तुम हो बसे
कह दो जो तुम एक बार
मेरे हो बस तुम मेरे नज़रों में तुम हो बसे”

It was a December evening. The same 05:30 pm when I like being left all alone. But today, I was not alone. Your thoughts are with me.

You are like that masterpiece of beauty that I do not want to show anyone. The dark brown eyes with long lashes and that damn smile! Initially, when I looked at you I never thought you would be mine, so what is even the point in thinking of it?

Just look at you! Someone who looks gorgeous even when they are not trying to be beautiful!

“This human is beyond perfection! No, I do not stand a chance. Forget it!” That was the first thought when I saw you.

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I mean, how can you ever choose a girl like me? Is it even real, or am I dreaming? If it is a dream, trust me I do not want to wake up because when I will wake up, I will lose you and I am scared, I am scared to lose the reason behind my happiness.

How can you smile so perfectly? Like, the smile which can be a healer of every freaking wound.

How can I forget all my anger, every chaos inside my head? The thunder inside me is just calm when you are holding me? How is it possible?

All I just want right now is you around me. I want to look into your eyes and listen to this song while sipping my dark black coffee (I know you will scoff and say, please maintain social distancing with me!)

I miss that you know. In such evenings when you’re not around and all I just want is your warm hugs enveloping me. Your voice, calling me by nicknames.

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I always tell you that this song reminds me of yours. No, it reminds me how close you are to me even when you are miles away. You make my mornings so perfect with your long messages, with you being my “nasha”, with you telling me every day how much you love me.

In moments, when you are not around, and I listen to this song, it fits so perfectly.

All I want to hear is that you are mine – like a constant reminder that my heart belongs to you.

I like being the reason for your happiness. I want to wake you up every morning and make you fall asleep every night. I like ending my tiring days like this. I like looking at your pictures and thinking, how the hell I am so blessed to have this person in my life? Even the thought of you makes me feel all mushy but trust me; I love this feeling. I love when you calm me down because no one ever did that. No one was ever able to calm my anger, but you did it.

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You’re like the giant cup of coffee which hugs me when I am angry, hurt or just not thinking straight and even if I write a hundred words about how much I love you, I guess I will not be able to let you know about the depth.

I am just scared.

Because the way you taught me to be happy without thinking about what future holds I know, that will not ever happen to me ever again.

I am a mess, love. I am a complete mess—someone who is not empathetic enough. But man! I can not stop falling for you. For the one who brightens up my days by their existence.

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All I want right now love is you.

All I want right now is your “I love you’s.”

All I want right now are you telling me, “mere ho bus tum mere.”

“खड़ा हूँ आज भी वहीं, के दिल फिर बेकरार है
खड़ा हूँ आज भी वहीं, के तेरा इंतज़ार है”