Thank you everyone for showering so much love. We have got thousands of likes, shares, comments and appreciation from each one of you. We are really thankful to everyone for the same. Be it, renowned writers or anonymous readers. Now, it’s time to meet The Mood Recipes family. Bloggers who contribute to your favourite blog. Keep reading to know them personally…

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SK Samuruddin [Samar]


I am a Blogger and Founder of The Mood Recipes.

I am passionate about the blog, and it was my best friends Moumita and Amrita who is my source of inspiration and backbone. I would also like to take a moment out and thank Pratiksha, whose blog inspired me to try my hands at writing. Thank you to all of my friends, who supported me during the ups and downs of life.

Thank you, everyone, enjoy the blogs.

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Pratiksha Das


There is a lot to say which we can not end up telling in one life, and there comes writing. Jotting down our own thoughts always helps us to proceed in life, especially if we can share them with others. Blogging gives us a platform. I started writing when I thought my life is going on a destination-less journey and once I started writing and got tremendous responses I knew this is what I am made for.
The Mood Recipes has a long way to go that is gonna take me to my destiny!”

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Riya Roy


I am a different girl trying to blend into this normal world. Been addressed as “abnormally” normal. My ideas and imagination are out of this world but that’s my world and I am here to share my world, ideas and views with you all. This is my safe place to show my creativity.

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Suvarty [Nivriti] Banerjee


I am an introvert trying to settle in with society and also working in IT to provide for myself and The Mood Recipes is my secret corner where I can be who I want to be and connect with thousands like me who are living a dual life and is looking for a source of happiness and connection. We all are vulnerable and we all want someone or something where we can confide and share the same bond. Here in The Mood Recipes, I can be my vulnerable self as I can write my heart out and there are people in my flesh and blood who understands me and can connect with me.

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Tripsha Ghosh

SEO Manager

Living a Creator’s life since 2020. SEO and Freelance content writer by choice. The Mood Recipes is the place where I not only share my creative ideas but also a place that made me confident about being an independent writer today.

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Atish Majee


God has gifted me with a love for poems. Poetry for me is the essence of my life. It is a way to paint a picture, to form an escape from reality and take you wherever you would like to go. When I was in love, I realised this is the kind I want and hence started my fascination for poetry that expressed stories. Being an introvert in regards to speaking my own thoughts and feelings, I share a part of me in everything I write which for me would be almost impossible to speak out. Poetry makes me true to what I am, penning my heart out without the intervention of others to filter out things. It’s a soul feeder for an old school romantic like me. I am blessed the The Mood Recipes provides me with an opportunity to do so as it gives us the platform to connect to a large number of readers and their love inspires us to write even more.

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Shivangi Chatterjee


When my voice trembled and little beads of perspiration appeared while expressing myself, I took to writing it all out in words. It has been helping me since. I have found my escape from the tyranny of this melodramatic world through words, and I hope you find yours too. I have been writing diaries from 5th grade, though writing on a public platform came to me much later in life. In high school, I have had a couple of friends who strengthened my bond with English literature.

The Mood Recipes have been a great platform to let my thoughts out without restrictions and formalities. I only hope the page gets as much attention as it deserves! Here’s to many more articles, memories and skills!

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Subhashree Roy


There are thoughts and ideas down inside that are uncomfortable where they are and we have to let them out. We have to give them their freedom and then there’s writing. When my thoughts were at their darkest and I felt that I could take no more, my therapist – knowing that I adored writing – suggested blogging as a means of therapy and escape from the negative emotions that had been plaguing me. Writing feels good to me. It is a creative, constructive pursuit that promotes intellectual stimulation with zero unpleasant side effects that I can think of.

The Mood Recipes is the place where I let my thoughts out without hesitation, where I can be ME and it has been a great platform to connect with an enormous number of readers from different places and their support and love inspires us to write even more.

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Divisha Rastogi


I am a Blogger at The Mood Recipes by passion and a Nutritionist By Profession. When we talk about peace of mind or live in my own world then I only prefer to write about thoughts, emotions and topics about what I love, like food, travelling, shopping and more or being a writer I’m happy to write blogs and articles. Sharing a part of myself in my thoughts is the best part of writing and connecting with millions like myself. This is one of the best-est things I do to live in my own world or share my thinking with other people same as me. So it’s my own choice to be a writer or also do my role job at the same time.

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Guest Writers


I would like to take a moment out and thank all the guest writers, who have contributed to the success of The Mood Recipes. These people write posts without any special credits or benefits. Some of the posts are written anonymously, where the only target was to reach the maximum number of readers possible. Some of the posts are written by people who have already established blogs, but of different niches.

Special Thanks: Kuntala, Monidipa and Cornelia for your wonderful contributions.

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