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Thank you all for the tremendous support and love for the blog. Now, it is the time, to meet the crew whose hard work, made The Mood Recipes possible and the interesting contents.

I am a Blogger and Founder of TheMoodRecipes.

I am passionate about the blog, and it was my best friends Moumita and Amrita who is my source of inspiration and backbone. I would also like to take a moment out and thank Pratiksha, whose blog inspired me to try my hands at writing. Thank you to all of my friends, who supported me during the ups and downs of life. Thank you everyone, enjoy the stuffs 🙂

Pratiksha Das
Pratiksha DasEditor/Blogger
There is a lot to say which we can not end up telling in one life, and there comes writing. Jotting down own thoughts always helps us to proceed in life, especially if you can share it with others. Blogging gives the platform to us.
I started writing when I thought my life is going to a destination-less journey and once I started writing and got tremendous responses I knew this is what I am made for.
TheMoodRecipes has a long way to go that is gonna take me to my destiny!”
Syed Faiz Ali
Syed Faiz AliBlogger
Built on every mistake ever made. Write my heart out. Not afraid to accept the fact that I screwed up multiple times.
Riya Roy
Riya RoyEditor/Blogger
She is one of the passionate Content writer and Editor in our team. Her favorite genre is paranormal incidents and stories. In her own words “Try for the best, Ready for the worst”
Antara Mukherjee
Antara MukherjeeEditor/Blogger
I’m a fun loving over-thinker, imaginative soul who believes in magic, travels far less than she wants & eats more than she should.
Suvarty (Nivriti) Banerjee
Suvarty (Nivriti) BanerjeeBlogger
I am driven by my imagination to take me places I have never been to. So I try to explore the unexplored parts of my thoughts to produce something which can relate to the common people like me who are introverts and face emotional challenges to communicate. I find solace in writing, that’s the only way I can be who I really wanna be without getting judged.
Juvin Islam
Juvin IslamBlogger
A proud cancerian with lot of emotions. I believe in words rather than expressions. Observation is a keyword for a writer and I believe in noticing than staring. You will always find creativity in my words, love while i sing, passion while i dance and moreover, a tempted soul who speaks out whenever she feels alone. Life is full of colors, for few may be black and white or rainbow. Happiness is there in every moment, all you need is to explore, express and adapt.
Deep Singh
Deep SinghBlogger
From dancing to the beats of Punjabi songs to writing a Hindi shayari. From making up fictional characters in my mind to connecting them in original life. From writing short quotes till one fine day making a blog. Meet me someday in a weird way. I will adjust myself everywhere.

“None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.” – Mother Teresa

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