We all need something in a relationship, be it best friends or the better half and quite honestly most of us are emotionally needy sometimes or the other.

It happens most probably we are going through a difficult phase in our life or when it is challenging. Just a hug or a little cuddle can make our day, we need a bit more than moral support, and I get it. Even I feel the same.

But, on the other hand, being emotionally needy most of the time in a relationship can result in severe complications in a relationship. If you are reading this blog post, there’s a high chance you already got the point of what I am talking about.

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Being emotionally needy means that the person in question is constantly in want of affection, attention, and/or emotional support that it’s all they are. I mean, almost everyone needs all that at some point, but these people kind of pushing it.

These are the kind of people who doesn’t only want your affection, but they want all of it.

That, of course, means trouble.

Well, I asked some of the bloggers this question: What will you do, if your partner is too “emotionally needy” in a relationship?

Dishari says,

Well, if I give my insights on this, I would be a bit different from others. When you’re loving someone giving all your heart and soul, that person does understand it. Even a toddler knows who loves him/her. If my partner is emotionally needy, I must understand the first thing that there is something that has been keeping her agitate and a result out of it, she has been asking for many a thing that seems like she has become demanding or clingy or annoying.

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About being fragile, if I keep my partner at the top of my priority list, If I keep on making her understand that nothing can apart us, If I can assure her proving every single day that there is nothing more important than her, if I don’t leave a single chance to love her in a way she is, she wouldn’t be a vulnerable.

I am sure. When we get into a relationship new, we generally don’t have any complaints, nagging etc. Our partners demand then also, they ask for attention then also, they cry on little things then also, but we do handle it with bulk of love and care and later, the same things turn out the reason headache and we tag it in a term of ’emotionally needy’.

Clearly, a person becomes emotionally needy when they feel like that they’re less prioritized, cornered, ignored by them who had showered love, care and promises of being together forever few years/months back. Then they become fragile. They start annoying raising different issues. It is just because YOU’RE NOT THE SAME YOU WERE!!!

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Pratiksha says,

I won’t be in relationship with someone who is over clingy. Everything has a limit and even relationship does. Everyone deserves peace and space. The partner needs to understand.

Monidipa says,

First, I’ll try the talking therapy on the person. I know at first it will work but I also know that after some time that person will again start the same drama again. So, when next time the person starts the same drama I’ll bade a goodbye to that person.

How to control this need?

Figure out anxiety and confidence issues. These emotions will continue, we all have our own anxieties, jealousy, and the feeling of fear of getting deserted, but that doesn’t mean we have to nag about it to the partners about it. You need to work on your self-esteem and confidence level, your partner will help you at every possible step, but don’t make it compulsory for the one.

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Don’t suffocate your loved one. Give your loved one some space, maybe you are deeply in love with your partner, but spending 24 hours with one person is not considered healthy. Fetching compliments and asking for it all the time doesn’t work out. Give your partner some space and independent time, it will be beneficial for both in the long term.

Trust your partner. We all have a past, a bad one most probably. Everyone is not the same, not everyone comes in our life to break the heart. Honestly, not everyone wants to leave you or get in to your pants. There are some people who will come to your life to bring the best in you and will be beside you till the end. You don’t have to ask for it neither you will need the other one to reassure you multiple times.

Take a break from the damn Social Media. Multiple studies (Psypost Psychologytoday) have proved that social media boosts the psychological complications between couples, friends, and all healthy relationships. We start comparing our lives to some influencers and popular people and complicating our own life. The reality is, famous people have their own life and it is not luxury but a necessity for them to maintain a high standard of lifestyle.

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Spend time with your best friends. Apart from your relationship, you have a life too. You have your family members, parents and best friends. You must have noticed after coming into a relationship, how the time you spend with other people in life falls short. They start missing your company and finally, it creates an awkward situation where it is very difficult to get them back in the comfortable position previously you were.

Get some professional help. If you think this need has gone out of hand, and you are not able to handle yourself, you need to get some professional help. If something bad happens in the relationship, it will be hard for you to get yourself together. Please feel free to get in touch with a psychiatrist or psychologist, so that they can help you. It is neither foolish nor shameful to work on our own shortcomings.

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To conclude, Everything and everyone has a limit, do not suffocate your partner or push him to such limits where there’s no coming back. Having said that, I don’t mean that you should not expect or ask anything from your partner. Just keep things in check, because the words spoken by the loved ones, have a very deep impact and it may lead to a big impact. In the end, you won’t be able to understand how you landed in this situation.


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