Asking for Love..

Sat, Jan 19
Sreya Chatterjee
The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog&hel... Read More

Battle of the Voices

Fri, Jan 18
There is always a battle of voices in my head. It speaks up all the time, whether it’s needed ... Read More

Dealing with haters

Wed, Jan 16
There will be a point in your life, where you will start getting new haters. You will be surprised t... Read More

Do you need to ask?

Sun, Jan 13
“Do you need to ask, for what you need (in a relationship) be it sex, romance, gifts or anythi... Read More

The foodie in me.

Sat, Jan 12
There was once a time when my mother used to run after me to have food. I was not that much interest... Read More


Sat, Jan 12
Nights are weird,dark and grey they are like woman when they are hormone’s prey. They are some... Read More