I am prisoner no C-018 counting my tears of agony
For I don’t know my period of stay here..
With a hope too mean to cheer
In this dark stenchy atmosphere,
Engulfed by nothing but fear,
Yet, haggardly putting up a face,
Just some memories to steer..

I call upon thee, my kith and kins
All to silent walls,
No one to talk to, no one to hold onto, no shoulder to lean,
Surviving this hell on a mere string of disarrayed hopes,
Facing the accusations of an uncommitted sin.

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They say I did rape,
I used her, intoxicated her,
Pretending to be her sure in cape..
While this thing was mutual,
But now I think in our country its a ritual.
Gender is the identity in this name,
“Her” is the controller, “He” is the puppet in this game..
I am piled up in this shithole from quarantine, to amdani, to 2no bari to medical unit,
I was lied, tossed, ragged, torn, looted, shunned, and torn,
For something I never did, something I never meant,
My side of the story is only a husk for repent,
While her’s magic that gets away with just a statement..

My heart infringes upon me the tantrums I would receive from dad,
I know he is too weak now,
Scrounging on grief after watching me,
Contemplating my days among the lambs and devils,
Finding comfort in the times we had,
Cuz now he is too sad to be mad.

I know my mother cries over the slightest of my pains,
But last day she smiled after watching me,
I think I was too naive earlier..
Finding myself in so-called “friends” and their “trends”,
Lurking in the temporary mile after mile,
Ignoring that I had it all this while..

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In here, Biri as a currency to do your chores,
The monster lurking to sodomize your pores,
every little thing is a luxury,
With everyone eyeing your hoard,
Even a gentle breeze of air, or morning walk is more than u can afford.

I sometimes see a guy outside the perimeter walking on the terrace, listening and grooving to the music,
So free.. so cool..
Unaware of the dimension where we are fool..
I wonder he must be sitting on the stairs,
Savouring dishes he holds dear,
Unlike us, stacked in a pool of 90 in this room,
With nothing but depression and gloom.

From a personality so suave,
To an eye so mauve,
Reminiscing the moments I hold dear,
In cruising across the fear, I found the ones too near,
Level headed and clear I came,
To tame my life without the rewind game.
But I can’t change the judicial game..
It’s up to u all to share the frame,
To change the laws that’s one-sided craze,
While the other side gets tangled in the maze,
The mercy of the lady of justice gone too blind,
The corrupt officials just destroying someone’s life to shine.