My golden days… Shouldn’t it be your childhood days??? Isn’t it our childhood days for most of us. Probably yes! It is supposed to be those baby days of us when we all were free from all the worries and busy with our studies and school. Right???

And who makes those days beautiful and golden? Our friends… They are special. A very special part of our life. Without friends, our life is kind of empty. I have a lot of friends in my life. Few are in contact and few are not. You make friends since your school, but you lose contact with them, in these social networking days too. But few friends are the one who leaves their essence in your life and which stays with you forever. I have few friends like that, I miss them in my life now. I have met them during my Junior college (11th & 12th Std). This is the time when I was new to a city, I left my hometown for the first time and everything was new. This is the time when I felt the “actual friendship”. This is the time when I was been accepted and I was comfortable. I enjoyed and discovered friends & friendship till the core of it and till now I have not found any single person, who can even think of reaching to their level.

So I am from Dhanbad, Jharkhand. It’s a small city in India. But I think now most of u guys know or heard of Dhanbad, because of the movie Gangs of Wasseypur. And yeah… Wasseypur exists, I have friends from Wasseypur too.

So yeah… I moved to Nashik to my aunt’s place after my board exams (10th std) for continuing my studies. I took admission in HPT Jr. College. I was famous there for my Hindi. People used to say that I speak the book language (Hindi). I was from a Hindi speaking state, so naturally, my Hindi was pure and of a different level (he he he). Anyways… Started with college. There was one girl Jyotsna, who was my friend that time. The first friend I bonded within that new city. The first one to make me comfortable. She left in first year mid-term because of her health conditions, never returned. No contact as well. I wish I can be in contact with her again.

I believe it was my 2nd week in college, the 1st-period bell rang, and we all entered the classroom. One girl enters after us and takes the seat behind me and Jyotsna. She had these beautiful, big and bold eyes. I did not even take a moment to notice those eyes. (Eyes are the things which make me believe or understand a person. If I will not like your eyes, I will not even try to talk to you). After the class was over she asked me “Excuse me, Do u know when will be the Political Science class?” I reply and asks her name… There she was Chaitali. Then she asks mine and we both realize that we are Bengali. We were so happy. This was the happiness, to find someone who speaks the same language as you in a new city and atmosphere. We bonded immediately, never to go apart from each other I believe. She was the bold one I met that time and I really looked up to her for many different reasons. I really wish sometimes to be with her and just give her a hug and cry, just to let all my worries and stress to go away. Her smile used to do the magic to me, now her voice does, whenever we talk. We are still in contact. She is a proud mother of a baby now. Haven’t seen her in years… but we do talk sometimes. Rarely, mostly because I don’t give time. I am scared to let all my emotions out in front of her if I will talk to her. She has these magical power of making a person to speak their heart out. But whenever I talk to her I never feel that we are staying apart or we are talking after months. It’s the same feeling, which was there back in college. Though I miss her a lot. But could never express and don’t know how to convey, but That’s Ok. I guess she understands.

After Chaitali, comes Tanvi, The perfectionist, My Penguin. The best writer and Marathi Poet I have seen till now. I was amazed by her actually. She just storms in, in my life. I could never forget the day when she came to me and Chaitali and asked if she can be in our group because we look really peaceful to her.  I could never forget the way she n behind a bus to catch, The way she used to keep hairs, her smile. She is the only one who is living her dream among us, which we had from school. Not in contact, but have the contact details, like FB and Insta. But we do not talk. She is busy and I am too. I am really proud of her. She is the one actually hooked me up with Harry Potter books. I was already a fan of the movies, but she introduced the real magic through books and I love her for that.

Then comes, Mukta, Rani, and Swati. Mukta, I guess, she considered me as her closest friend always. But I don’t think I have done justice to her friendship and I regret that sometimes. I have never understood her. She was the who was learning German and used to mix up a few words here and there. Not in contact with her, no contact details too… not in FB also. Rani, The simplest and sweetest girls I met, with gorgeous long hairs. She was amazing, she was the one made me understand that how it feels to take your own responsibility, to be independent. She was earning for herself when we were in Jr, College. Not in contact again. Swati, I could never forget the Tadka Bhaat she used to get every day to college. Amazing. I really wish to be in contact with these 3 again.

Here comes, Manasi, The melodious singer I have seen or heard in my life, out of the TV or anything. She was not regular in college, but she was a part of us. She was this beautiful and the pretty girl in the group, who was not aware of her own charm and beauty. We are in Facebook and Insta together, but we do not speak. That’s the sad reality of life. I know that she is a psychologist now. Finally, someone, in the group have completed the path of psychology. Though I still wonder if she sings till now. I would love to listen to her again.

And here comes the last one in the group, but not the least, Akshata, The prettiest one in the group. Pure and natural beauty. Her eyes are the best in her. Sweetest and innocent one among us. Thanks to her for giving me notes for economics always. God, I hated that subject. She made that subject easy for me. I am so grateful to her for that. She is a Bharatanatyam dancer. But I have never seen her performing till now. I wish to see one day. In contact, though we talk rarely. Akshata and Chaitali, these 2 were closest to me.

Akshata, Chaitali and me, we used to hang out together always, either in Football Ground or in CC (Campus Choice) or in Mcdonald’s. Mostly eating Dabeli or samosa chat and talking. There have been days that we have stayed back for hours after college just talking. I don’t even know what do we used to talk about, but we used to talk… for hours and hours. I guess about boys, about movies, songs and all…

Ohhh yeah… I almost forgot about the boys… Rahul, Rohit, Vicky, Simul & Yusuf… How can I miss you, boys? That is not possible. We mostly bonded during the exams, Because all of them wanted notes from me and cheat from my exam sheets. All, except Yusuf. I have allowed them to cheat and I am proud of it. I miss the fun we used to have. I miss those nicknames you have given me Vicky. I miss our chit-chat. I miss the way you guys used to ask me to help you with girls. I miss you all.

These are the few friends who will never be replaced in my life… never ever…These are the friends for a lifetime, memories for the lifetime. I miss them… I miss those days… those beautiful days and those beautiful friends. All are busy in their life, but I guess they recall me also the same way I recall them.

Miss you guys… Thank you for making friendship so special and real for me.

I am an different girl trying to blend in this normal world. Been addressed as "abnormally" normal. My ideas and imagination are out of this world but that's my world and I here to share my world, ideas and views with you all. This is my safe place to show my creativity.