The workings of this world have made life for humans only easier today. We have everything, from news to jobs, at the tip of our hands. More so, now due to the pandemic, the majority has opted for working from home. Though this has its own set of advantages like cost reduction on the company’s end, less pollution and traffic, and more time to spend doing things you love, the greatest disadvantage is lethargy!

Due to negligible movement, there has been a rapid growth of health ailments- more mental than physical. People have found themselves bound to the four walls of their houses, not knowing how to lose the anxiety that has come with it. As a result binge eating, no fixed sleeping schedule, or ordering in has comforted them that might prove to be harmful in the long run.

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A healthy lifestyle is a must, especially now more than ever. It not only keeps the body in shape and makes one feel active throughout the day, but people also tend to be more optimistic and worry less. You might have friends who are gym freaks, eat healthily, and look amazing. Ever wondered what it would be like to look like them? Well, here are a few tips to be on the healthier side without starving yourself to death.

Follow a healthy diet

The most important of all is what you eat. No matter how many minutes you spend in the gym, if your diet doesn’t have the right amount of all the necessary nutrition, you’re still likely to gain weight. To eat right, you need to know your body first.

Make a list of the things you’re intolerant to and the things you can consume without any difficulties. Most people find it difficult to digest gluten or dairy products. Either opt for gluten-free items or choose their substitute. For example, if you have a hard time digesting normal milk, opt for almond or oats milk.

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This way, you would improve your digestive health and promote good bacteria in the gut to do its work diligently. Good metabolism will directly trigger weight loss.


If you are someone who has been in this race of losing weight for a long time, you must have grown tired of listening to how important exercise is. As unfortunate as it is, exercise is the key to be fit. The more you move your body, the less it wants to lie down in the bed and not get up.

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Exercising doesn’t mean you need to hit the gym at 4 in the morning and burn all the calories in a single day. Walking briskly for half an hour is exercise, yoga for 30 minutes is exercise, dancing is exercise, swimming is exercise. No matter what you love, if it involves burning calories in a rapid amount, it is good for your health. A chiselled body with 6 pack abs should not be the ultimate goal. The goal is to have your weight perfectly in the range of what your height permits.


As silly as it sounds, relaxing doesn’t mean going to a spa and burning a hole in one’s pocket. To relax all you have to do is to get rid of any devices around you, lie down and listen to music or you may read your favourite book, or cook anything you like. The idea is to do what you like without having to use phones and gadgets.

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Relaxing is as essential as dieting and exercising. To strain, one’s body only causes extreme fatigue that might again lead to lethargy. Spend time with yourself, sing songs, dance like no one’s watching and you would notice the glow in your face in no time!

Know that it isn’t the end of the world

Even after doing all the above, if you are still finding it difficult to lose weight, DO NOT WORRY!

Every human has a body made of a different constitution, while some may lose weight quite easily, other need to double up their efforts. Women especially find it difficult to lose weight because of various reasons, the majority of them being hormonal changes. If you have a little belly or thick thighs, there is nothing to be ashamed of!

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You should still spend time with yourself, love yourself, and treat yourself right. Weight does not matter until you enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Balance it out the parties, the outings, the junk food cravings to following a routine, eating right, and exercising! Surely you will feel like a whole new person once you get the hang of it.

All the best to those who are to try this, and if not, good for you to love yourself the way you are!