An overused and overrated term in the era of one-night stands, isn’t it?

Being an old-school romantic in this era has not been easy so far. I have been a firm believer of foreverness all this while. I have always wondered can this bookish kind of love not be real? Can I never find someone who will actually love me till my last breath? Can I not be loved without keeping any expectations of benefits? Where would that one person be who would love me not only when I smile or laugh, not only when I am happy and giggling, not only when I am in my happy place and keeping my surroundings happy but also on those dark nights when I am absolutely clueless and tears roll down my cheeks while I gaze at the ceiling when I am scared of losing my own self in the name of healing.

Who would my soulmate be? What would my soulmate look like? Where am I going to find my soulmate?

I believe, a soulmate is none but my keeper. I think I have tried to find my soul mate in almost every person that I have met so far. For me, it feels like someone who would easily match with my vibes, someone who would understand my silence or maybe at times my scribbled, jumbled words. A soulmate would be someone who could read through my eyes, who would understand my emotional outburst in midnight when I am unable to put it through words.

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Starting with my parents, till the last stranger I have met in street, I have always tried to understand and make some sense from their conversation, if any of them are going to be my soulmate. Whenever I think of the term ”SOULMATE”, I have been mostly awestruck.

Maybe that is going to be someone I would wake up with, who would know the exact amount of sugar I need in my morning tea and would know that I would need two cardamoms in my evening one. Someone who would know how much I would hate going out on a rainy day and at the same time how I would love o sit by my window with a steaming hot tea and pakoras with a novel. Maybe someone who would know when I need space, someone who would value my “Me-Time” but would keep an eye on me without me knowing that I am being observed just to ensure I am not breaking down. Someone who would come to hold me just the very moment I am on the verge of breaking down. Someone who would bake me waffles at midnight when I will be watching a Real-Madrid match.

At times it feels like, I may never find a soulmate in one person. Maybe my soulmate would be a combination of people I have in my surroundings? My mom would never be bored of me and my endless rantings, who would always cook me my favorites. My best friend would know my emotional state just from one “Hello” over a phone call, My dad would sit and watch late-night matches with me and will discuss every single awesome goal. My pet would come running to me every single time I enter the home from work and one hug of his makes me forget every chaos in life. Maybe my soulmate is lying in each and every one of them.

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Maybe someday I will have that one person who would be a combination of all of them.

Someone who would hold my hand in the middle of a road and take a stroll with me in the bookstore. Who would let me sit in a corner while I turn a few pages of the book that I might go to pick up next, someone who would love to share my home with, someone who would admire the different beauties of the Moon on different nights, someone who would stargaze with me in a sea beach, someone who would be happy to sit by me on a beach for a sunset, someone with whom I would share my wine on a fine weekend after a long hectic week at work? My soulmate would be someone who would give me a backrub when I would be tired, someone in whose embrace I would forget all the bad that has happened so far with me, someone whose one hug will melt me down in the pool of happiness, someone I would wait to return to after a long day at work.

I would love to quote 2 people whom I consider to be my soul twins.

Tripsha says: Soulmate? The most mythical word in our world these days. When I was young I thought a soulmate will be someone who can handle me. But a soulmate is more than that. Someone whom you can not leave even after your hundred fights – because they are your home. Your definition of universe. The one without whom you can not just function. Every time you think about an exile – you just return to them with the promise of ‘one last time because your soul is stuck. Tied with them and now you can not just wander in the road of possibilities because they are your home. They make you weak but also, give you strength to fight with the voids and chaos between you two.”

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Shilpa says: “A soulmate doesn’t necessarily have to be a lover. You can find one in your best friend. One you can go out with in your PJs. One who knows all your moods and how to deal with you in each. Someone you can enjoy the silence with on the rooftop at 3am. Someone who feels like the warmth of the setting sun on a beach.”

Let me conclude here, Soulmate- someone who would connect to my soul in such a way that nobody could tear us apart. Soulmate would mean a soul that will not be in my body but would still belong to me, a soul that would know the scars and wounds of my soul and would still stick to me and help me heal, help me grow, help me overcome. A soulmate would mean a soul whose heart would beat with mine with matching my vibes, would understand and value what my intuitions say, would take away my insecurities, and would make me feel safe in the embrace of love.