Have you ever thought that you will witness something, someday which will stay with you throughout your life?

Well… I knew something is different in me. I could see somethings and sense them which others cannot. So, here I am sharing another haunting experience of my life with you.  

This incident took place in 2014. First time I moved to a different city to work. Left my home, hometown, friends. It was a different feeling. I moved to the city of Kolkata. The city with a soul, the city of Joy. I got an opportunity to work with an Indian origin multinational company. (I am not going to take the name here). I was working with the BPO segment of this company. It was a good opportunity for me. So, I grabbed it and moved to a different city and state. I thought I will be leaving my paranormal experiences behind this new opportunity and life. But, Nah…  

After joining this company, within 45 days, I got to know that 2 of the buildings in this office campus have the rumours to be haunted. I have overheard my batchmates discussing it. I thought to ignore it. But I couldn’t resist myself. So, I researched on the topic and I found one video on the internet about the same office being haunted. In the video, some unnatural things were captured on CCTV. Like, things moving from their places on their own. Files and documents flying over. Drawers opening and closing. I did not believe it. Until something happened to me.  

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As I mentioned I worked for the BPO segment, that means our company was up and running 24*7. That’s how the BPO segments work. So, we had the cab facilities from office. There used to be cabs for different locations on every hour of the day. I used to stay near to my office, hence I did not require the cab whenever I was working in day shift. But night shifts, I had to take a cab. So as others. This office campus was huge. This campus has 5 buildings inside it apart from the medical building, Guesthouse, cafeteria, security building and machinery rooms. It has one big and one small auditorium inside it too. It is a huge campus. I loved working here.  

I have found friends in my colleague. So, we had a group of 6 people. 3 boys and 3 girls. We used to work for the same project. Working in a call centre can be hectic sometimes. Your shift is about to be over and you get a call, you have to take it, you can’t deny this one. So, it was normal for us to miss our cabs. We had to wait for another hour to get the next cab. And if your area’s cab is not there in next hour then another one hour. This was our daily routine. We used to roam around the company premises after shift and before drop cab. We heard that building 3, 3rd floor is haunted. No one goes there after the floors are empty. My friends wanted to go there. I did not as I knew the consequences. But, you know, when 5 of your friends agrees to something, you cannot deny them. So, we went to Building 3, 3rd floor.  

Once you enter a building, you find lifts in front of you and staircase on both sides of the lift. To the left and right, you find a door, which will lead you to a corridor with production bay (working area) on both sides. Once you cross the production bay you find a horizontal lobby. The lobby and corridor are in “T” shape. In the middle of the lobby, the door to the fire exit, which faces the exit door of the corridor. To the fire exit’s left, girls’ washroom and towards right boys’ washroom. Besides the boys’ washroom, you find a small room with a coffee machine and cups with a table and a few chairs in front of it in the lobby. So, each floor has 2 long corridors and 4 production bays. The buildings and production bays used to be filled with people. You will never feel alone apart from the 3rd floor of the 3rd building (mostly the left side of the corridor and bays). As the right side was occupied with people working 24*7 but the left side was for Trainers, Coaches, Human Resource and all. So naturally, it used to be empty after 10 pm. No one goes there. At least we have never seen anyone going there till the time we were there. So, it was an empty corridor with 2 completely empty production bays, washroom and coffee machine lobby.

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So, we made that lobby and Coffee machine area our fixed place to meet, whenever we used to miss our cabs. We used to have fun in our own way there, no one to stop us. No management, or TL, or Trainers. IT used to be good, until one day. One night around 2:30 am I have finished my call. I missed my cab by then. I straight went to the 3rd floor. We used to work on Building 1. I found 3 of my other friends there. 2 were missing as they were still on call. So, we thought to wait. I made a coffee for me and we started talking. One was sleeping. We were sitting at one end of the lobby. Behind us was the glass, and in front of me also, it was the glass. Normally I used to sit facing the glass of the other end. So, that any weird or abnormal movement I can see in the reflection. In front of me and back of me too. So, we were sitting and suddenly I look at the glass in front of me and see a lady’s standing just behind me. I looked back and I saw nothing. The way I looked back and forth my other 2 friends noticed and they started looking at me. By their reaction, I understood that they cannot see the lady’s reflection. I thought it will be best for us to leave the area. Anyways, it was nearly 3 am and it was our cab time. So, we left.  

Next 3-4 days we took our scheduled cabs, as we haven’t missed them. I haven’t told anyone about the lady I saw. Next again we have been to the same lobby. It was the night before our week offs. So, we decided to miss our cabs and stay there late to discuss something. By the time I reached the lobby, all of the friends were there. None of them has witnessed anything unusual by now, so the thought of being haunted have brushed up from mind. We made some coffee and started talking about the different topics we had. Around 3:15 am one of my friends decided to use the restroom. She walked to the other end of the lobby and went to the washroom. Within 2-3 minutes, we heard a scream from ladies’ washroom. At first, we did not understand. When she screamed again then we started running towards the washroom. Before we could reach the fire exit gate, she ran and came into one of my friend’s arm. She was pale, completely shaken and crying. She was trying to tell something, which we did not understand. Then she showed one of her hand towards the washroom and we saw a face peeping from the washroom door to us. A lady. We were a little alert by then. The lady came out of the washroom door but she stood there and asked us what happened. By this time, my friend was able to catch some breath. She said that, after using the facilities, she was washing her hands when she saw a reflection in the mirror standing beside her. She got scared as she was alone in the washroom, so she screamed.  

Upon this saying, the lady gave us a very weak smile and said “Never think that you are alone here. Always there is someone looking at you.” She said and walked to exit gate of the lobby and entered the corridor. By this time, me and one of my friend noticed something creepy about the lady. We looked at each other and ran to find the lady. We were standing near the lobby gate. We ran to open the gate to the corridor to find nothing and no one. Not a single soul was there. It was impossible for any human to walk or run so fast to cross the corridor and go to the lift area. We checked the lift area, staircase, the opposite production bay, but found nothing. By this time, I realised that we haven’t seen anyone entering the lobby. There is only one entrance and I was facing that. There is no way that we have missed someone coming to this area. I also realised that it is the same lady I have seen in the reflection, standing behind me. This realisation sent chills down my spine.   

We left that area immediately. When we reached the drop one of the cabs, among other human beings then we started discussing what just happened. We all understood, what she meant. I told them about the reflection I saw a few days back. We decided to never go back to that building, to that floor again. We all, left the company within 3-4 months of the incident took place. Not because of the ghost but we found better opportunities. We tried finding the lady in between but never found anything. We thought it is better to not to find the trouble.   

Sometimes I think What would have happened if we wouldn’t have understood the meaning and went to the same place again? Would she have come with another way to let us know that we are unwanted in her territory? Or would she have come with another message for us? I still remember the sentence: Always there is someone looking at you.