There was one princess who used to think that when she would grow up then she would be married to her friend of neighbor kingdom and he too was a prince. The wedding happened after 10 years. After a year of marriage princess remained upset and unhappy as the king fell in love with a foreign princess whom he married, and he had won her in a war that he fought right after marriage.

The princess was very alone and sad, she used to think “why her husband married somebody else when she had loved with all her heart”.  The king stopped coming to her room and also stopped talking to her after sometime. He was so busy with his new wife that he lost track of time and slowly forgot that he was a king too apart from being a husband.

His kingdom was slowly losing all its glory and the people were becoming very unhappy as they were not getting justice in small matters and the king increasingly started to spend the public wealth from royal treasury for the foreign princess and her beauty expenses.

What the king did not realize was his beautiful new queen whom he had loved with everything and gave her the utmost priority at the cost of his loyal first wife’s love and the kingdom was preparing for a huge war.  The foreign princess was looking for an opportunity to declare war once she had emptied the royal treasury and deprive the king of his power and trust of the loved ones.

Two years had passed and the king started to grow weak as he was always involved in consuming alcohol. All the royal guards started leaving and one day the ministers also started to think what should be done with the king although his first wife was only still thinking that what could have led the king to become so irresponsible and she still trusted her husband that he was a responsible king once, maybe he is; still now.

One night the first queen followed the Foreign princess and found her stealing trunks of jewelry and royal coins in a ship to be transported to her Foreign land through Ocean. The queen caught the foreign princess and called out all the guards and ministers. They couldn’t believe their own eyes when they saw what they saw. In the trunks half were the royal armors, swords, shields and also royal gems and stones which were planned to be used in the war which was to be declared against the king by the foreign queen. The ship was taken into custody by the royal army and the man who was caught helping the foreign queen was the husband of the Foreign queen who had lost the battle which the king had fought initially after his Wedding and had won the foreign princess in it.

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Later the Foreign queen and her husband both were captivated and put into dungeon, and the king went down to meet them along with his first wife. There it was revealed by the foreign queen that she had been planning with her husband for these many years in complete secrecy to drain the royal treasury and make the king helpless, and putting that to their advantage they were to declare war against him. The king was shocked to have trusted the foreign queen for the two years that he was with her.

The first queen was congratulated and thanked by everyone because of her bravery and timely action, the whole kingdom was saved from the hands of dangerous enemy who was going to use the kingdom’s own resources for declaring war against them. The king apologized to the queen for his mistake and having cheater her. He promised to stay beside her throughout his life. Later the foreign queen and her husband were executed.

The first queen gave birth to twin princes and she was given the due respect which she deserved for long time. The princes grew up and took care of their parents and the kingdom and peace prevailed.

It was the queen’s love, dedication and immense patience towards the king which saved her kingdom from more damage and also saved her husband’s life. Honesty takes time to pay back, but once it does it will stand firm against all the odds.

Just an attempt to write a short fiction story of kings and queens and royal riches. Hope you all like it, let me know your feedback in the Comment section :)