He threw his phone away and walked into his room screaming. Tara comes out from her room and sees the phone broken in multiple pieces in the hall. Then she looks for him. Paul is sitting in his bed, holding his head in his hands.  

She can understand that Paul is angry and he is hurt. She doesn’t know what to do, but she knows that he needs her right now as a friend. She walks up to him, puts her hand in his shoulder and asks gently, “Do you want to talk?”  

There was something in that voice that calmed him down a little. He looked up at her, in her eyes. Those deep eyes, they have a question in it and surprised by his behavior. They want to know the reason. They want to help him right now. He tells her about the call he received from his Dad. Who just confirmed that his student visa is not approved and he cannot move to the new country and study in the college where he always wanted to. He tells Tara, how heartbroken is he and how much he dreamt about going to this college. How he wanted to study there. How important his dream was to his parents as well. How hard have he and his parents tried to get here, And now everything is meaningless. His Visa is not approved. 

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Tara listened to him patiently and calmly replied, “Never lose hope.” He looks up and she sees a tear rolling down Paul’s eye. She felt his pain. She never thought she will ever see this guy so broken. He was always been the toughest one amongst them. He always had the best plan to tackle every situation they have come across until now. She can’t see him broken. So she stood in front of him and gently hugged Paul.  

He took two seconds and then hugged Tara back. He could smell the sweet perfume of her. He rubs his nose at her stomach and tried looking up. But her smooth, light evening gown had a deep neckline. Which allowed him to put his head right in front of Tara’s cleavage. He can feel her soft skin rubbing against his cheeks. He can smell her perfume which is mixed with her mild sweat. That makes the smell tempting. He had an urge to hold her tight and smell her perfume and touch her smooth body. He wanted to look at her deep cleavage, which is going up and down with her breathing. He ran his fingers through her cleavage and felt the depth. 

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The next moment he knows is smooching her soft pink lips. He could taste the strawberry lip balm. He stroked her hair strand to the back of her ear. He wanted to look in her eyes and want to be lost there. He undressed her. Looking at her perfect body in lingerie gave him an excitement, which was new for him. He pushed her to bed. He wants to see her body, every inch of it, the beautiful curves, the pinkish tint on her skin. He wants to feel all of them, her jet black hairs, thin, long fingers, the perfectly shaped legs, the waist covered with beautiful lacy lingerie. Everything. He unhooked her bra, undressed her completely. Her beautiful body is lying in his bed. He doesn’t know if he should capture this beauty in his eyes or shall he go ahead to feel and satisfy it. She pulled him towards her, looks into his eyes and kissed him deep on his lips. She felt how hard he is. He touched her perky nipples, kissed on her neck and smelled the perfume again from her cleavage. Kissed her navel. Her beautiful skin was complimenting her perfect bodyline.

He touched her delicate soft petals and watched her shivering and moaning. He touched again, just to see her toes curling beside his ears and tightly shut eyes crushing her long lashes. He kissed her petals to feel her. He wanted to enter her right away, but he wanted to see her moan and ask for it. So, he started playing with her petals to seduce her more. She clutched his hands hard and looked deep into his eyes as if she is asking him to stop playing. He enters her. She moans and bites her lips. He started moving slowly. She was complimenting his moves. She was making his moves beautiful. She has clutched the bed sheet in one hand and bite the wrist of another hand to stop herself from screaming. He wants to give her the pleasure for a lifetime. He started moving fast as she said under her breath “harder, faster” He moved faster, she moved with him. They complimented each other and then rest themselves together. 

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Paul was lying on the bed, cuddling Tara from the back, playing with her long fingers, looking at the setting sun and the golden sky. The rays of the setting sun are giving a golden glow to Tara’s skin. He wanted this moment to stop here. He wanted to feel and capture every second of this evening. He is at peace. He looks at Tara, her beautiful lashes are pointed out of the window. She is also, looking at the sunset. The slow breeze from the window is making her locks of hair move. “She is beautiful,” Paul thought. He has never looked at Tara before. She is calm and composed.

Tara leaves the bed, gets dressed and leaves the room. He laid there for few more minutes and then get dressed. He comes outside his room. Tara is sitting on the couch. She looked at him. There is a question in her eyes again “What have we done?” He doesn’t know the answer to that question. Doorbell rang. Tara answered the door. It’s Molly and James. Tara is talking to James, her boyfriend, and Paul’s best friend. Molly is looking at the broken phone on the floor. She asked, “What happened?” Paul explained his conversation with his dad to his best friend and Molly, Paul’s girlfriend. They both said, how sorry they are and how everything is going to be ok. They both went to their rooms to take a bath as they were tired from all the places they had been to. Paul started picking up pieces of his phone. He looks at the kitchen door and he can smell Tara’s perfume. She is standing there looking at him. She says, “I love him. I am his” and he replied, “I know. I love her too” 

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James and Paul are best friends from school. Tara and Molly are their girlfriends. They came out of the city for two days. They were staying at Tara’s farmhouse. They just wanted to have a good time with their love of lives. But they didn’t know something like this will take place., that one evening will change a lot of things. That was the last night they had to spent together under the same roof. The next morning, they are heading back to the city, leaving the memories behind. Tara and Paul, both cuddled their partners at night in bed, but wide awake, thinking about the evening they have spent. Paul wanted to live that evening for his life but doesn’t want to do anything anymore. They know it is not correct, they have cheated on their partners, but it just happened. They did not want it but couldn’t stop it too. 

Paul and Tara were awkward around each other’s presence now. They tried limiting their conversation. Mostly they used to look at each other’s eyes and try to find out the reason for that evening. And every time, they used to look away with an unsaid promise of keeping the secret. Years passed. The awkwardness is still there, but it’s less than before. They meet as friends. Their eyes talk until now. Always asking a question “will you keep my secret?” 

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Neither Paul nor Tara want to hurt their partner. They know how madly they are in love with their partners. No one is better than James for Tara and no one can love Paul more than Molly. It’s years of friendship and love. They want that evening to be a secret for a lifetime. That evening will never come back to their life again, both have promised to themselves and they will keep it. They want to cherish every moment of that evening but never want to live it again.

You should not repeat your mistakes, no matter how beautiful it is.

Today, Paul is looking at Tara’s eyes again. Her big, beautiful eyes are behind the white veil, looking at her fiancé, her love of life and his best friend, James. Paul is the best man at this wedding. Molly is the bridesmaid. For a brief moment Tara looked at Paul’s eyes, to asks again “Will you keep my secret?” He answered silently “Always. Promise”, as she looked away in his groom’s eyes to say “I do”