Couple of weeks back I saw a post on Facebook that had plenty of responses or rather a debate ongoing in the comment section of it. I can not recall the exact post but the post says in a brief that why do we human prefer punishment of rapists in place of educating people, the reason being is we as human prefer violence over peace and hence we want death penalty or shoot at site for the rapists.

When I saw that post I could not help but think of it for a pretty long time. I would agree any-day that proper education is important in our lives, it is very important to direct the people the right way always, people need to understand what is right and what is wrong and behave accordingly.

But in a country where discussing Sex is more like an offence, there how much can we expect from the education system to effect one’s mentality. We barely get educated on sex, we barely even discuss about the reproduction system in a school just to hide from the embarrassment. Where people do not even understand the importance of proper sex education, where people misjudge the education system, where parents are shy and feel it is inappropriate to discuss about sex with their kids, what and how education system is gonna bring a change?

Few months back when I was discussing my choice of reading, a few books that I would prefer to read anytime, my uncle on the other hand was pretty much in shock to know them. His response to my preference was what kind of a bookish culture is that where you get to read such books! Well, where people are judgmental about your choice of books, how do you expect them to get the proper education that would help reduce rape in the country?

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And even if we go with the education, what should the kids actually be taught? Well, if you ask me it should rather be psychology and the reason is people need to know that no girl or women in the society can be forced against her will for sex. A consent from both the sides is important.

Study shows most of the animals in their kingdom take consent before mating. The male breed tries to impress the female one and once impressed the female gives consent to the respective partner to mate with her. I wonder which schools these animals have been to where they were taught the importance of taking consent!

Another post went viral on the internet that says ” do women like to get molested? the majority of surveys of men said yes!” I almost lost all my patience seeing the post. I could not keep mum anymore, I had to speak about it. Every single individual on this planet irrespective of their gender likes to get attention, likes to be in the spotlight, but molestation? Hell, no!

Unfortunately if you research a bit, you will find out that there is very less number of women who have never been molested. From their own house till their office, from the road till the kitchen, somewhere, someday a woman has been molested, by their own family members or friend of colleagues, be it verbal or physical!

We live in a society that still thinks we women dress up for guys to get their attention, where people think wearing a short dress is a hint to the guys or rather an invitation. I wonder why? Do guys also invite when they roam around in boxers? It has been more like a rule in this so called overly educated society that guys can have their comfort zone anywhere anyhow, but all the manners and decency is implemented for us only! How we walk, how we sit, how we talk, has the freedom to invite guys to rape us! Wonderful! Isn’t it?

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What exact educational courses will have these explanation and help people understand that it is absolutely okay for women to love sex too, but that does not mean that one would not need their consent to sleep with them. Which chapter of the course will explain that when a woman says no, a guy should stop then and there and also that does not harm their so-called male-ego!

Which book will define that women can have the freedom to wear as much revealing clothes as they wish as long as they themselves are comfortable and those revealing dresses are neither formal nor official invitation for you guys to go ahead and touch her wherever you wish! Which school will teach the parents that it is okay to discuss physical needs with your kid and it is very much needed to understand for the guys that an independent woman is not hurting your ego-system and it is as normal as daylight for women to shine and rise on their own.

Now, coming to the punishment, if you ask me as a human being, I would say sometimes a fear of losing one’s own life might stop that person from hurting others. If there is a stricter law, a lawfully passed order to punish someone who molest or rape with the worst and the most violent way and once that is actually implemented on some people then the upcoming crime rate might go down a little.

These monsters feel free to do whatever they wish cause they know that nothing could affect their lives, but they do not understand how badly or rather how worst the victims life will be. Be it political influence, or their overconfidence about not being punished, they become more furious and keep doing the same thing again and again and make uncountable women’s life miserable.

Today all over the country going crazy over the news of ANOTHER BRUTAL RAPE case in Uttar Pradesh, where the victim is now dead after fighting for survival. The girl is said to be a Dalit(one of the most lower caste people). These “Dalit” people are considered to be the untouchable by the upper castes. Ironically enough, the rapists belong to the upper caste! Shaking hands with these people, sharing food from same plate with these people, even touching the water they have touched or even coming across their shadow is considered to be cursed, but raping agirl from this lower caste community does not seem to be a curse or crime.

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As this was not enough for the family of the victim to go through,the police forcibly cremated the victim’s body after locking her family in their home. The police even went a step ahead and blamed the family for the brutal crime. Are the police not educated? Maybe not!

Proper system of serving justice should be implemented, that once found guilty there won’t be innumerable nights the victim needs to await justice. Once found guilty for such crimes that includes molestation and rape, there can not be any mercy. These monsters need the lesson for lifetime and needs to be punished as violent as possible so that the next one shit in his pant thinking of raping  someone.

Let us take a glance at the best punishment systems for rapists in few countries.

  1. China has the law of punishing the rapist straight away with a death sentence. In some scenarios, rapists are also punished by the mutilation of their genitals.
  2. North Korea has no leniency for the crime, like rape. Instant justice is given to the rape victim by shooting the rapist in the head by a squad.
  3. If a person is convicted of rape in Saudi Arabia, then he is executed in public within days of the trial.

You can take a look here

If we start educating people, it would take years and years of efforts and struggles, still there would be chances that these crime rates will not go down. Instead we might want to educate all women about self-defense. If we women can stand against these merciless monsters, if we could protect ourselves from them, maybe this crime rate slows down out of fear.

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As a woman, I would say, these creeps has no idea how much physical pain and mental trauma a woman goes through once molested, forget about being raped. Where a woman can not even take shower for 24 hours just because she would get rid of a few scars of she does, where more than the criminal the victim suffers, no punishment but a dreadful death can only be the answer.

No pain will be equal to the one a rape victim is going through, but still a rapist should get the maximum possible pain cause he deserve nothing but the worst. If their male-ego hurts just because a woman says no, then their ego needs to be cut down,their masculinity should be burnt then and there. They do not deserve to live, they do not deserve to be forgiven, they do not deserve a single painless day as long as they are alive. They should be treated the same way they are treated here.