“Why don’t you bring your camera to the office someday?”
“No! Never! Why should I?”

Jessi had no clue that he could be such a rude person without any reason. She is new to the city and still learning to adopt the changes around and befriending some. However, she never thought that it could be so much difficult.

It was just another day in their training sessions in the new office and they were introducing themselves to the new trainer when James said that he is a professional photographer. Jessi has never been comfortable in front of the camera, she just thought that it just could be a good start for a conversation when James ended up stating something like that.

“How rude!’ She thought.
“All girls run behind the camera!” He thought!

Along with the other people in the team they went for a smoke break together. What she really did not expect was they will actually end upbringing in a birthday cake for her sharp at 12 at midnight. The first time ever, she was away from home on her birthday. She was happy and sad at the same time. She cut the cake looking into his eyes, he smiles.

In the morning, after logout, the team decides to have a party the next day as it was a day off for all of them. They had a place decided nearby office. It was a 3-room flat which they rented for a day. Jessi said that she will be there after a small party with her PG-mates. By the time she was in, she was already 12 pegs down. The moment she enters everyone greeted her. She took a seat and started chit-chatting with her manager who was sitting right next to her. Everyone was drinking and snacking while she felt an urge to take some pictures with them. They all took a selfie together with a smiling face. Even though everyone was right there, her eyes kept looking for James. He was all laughing and cheerful when they catch a glance.

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Looking into his eyes she gulped her entire drink in a go. Then she shouted, “James, I need to talk to you, come to the other room!”
He insisted, “Can we talk later?”

The next moment whatever happened nobody was ready for it. She grabbed him by his t-shirt’s collar and dragged him to the other room and shut the door behind. The moment he looked in her eyes, she starts crying. He was clueless and nervous. It’s been so many years he is in a room with a girl like this. She broke down, he held her firmly, wiped her tears, and asked, ” What happened, Jessica?”
“I miss home, I miss my mom. please take me home!”
“Relax, take leave for a few days, and go home.”

The next moment he felt a peck on his lips. Shocked and clueless, he kissed her back. They could not stop staring at each other eyes while they were kissing each other. He made her sit on the bed. She was still in tears. He helped her smile back. She felt sick and rushed to the washroom and he kept on holding her all the while she threw up. She felt embarrassed and hopeless, but he did not mind being there for her. He helped her wash her face and made her lie down in the bed. He thought she needed some good rest as he already knew how drunk she was since last night. However, Jessi did not let him go. She kept on holding his hand and he smiled back. They kissed! Again!

She pulled him towards her and kissed him more passionately this time. James, in return, bit her lower lip gently. He ran his finger through her long, smooth hair. She felt ticklish and giggled. He shut up with another kiss in return. She helped him remove his t-shirt and kissed in his neck. he felt current running through his spine. He ran his finger on her lips and started kissing her ears. She had goosebumps all over her. She turned her back towards him, he understood the hint and slowly unzipped her dress. He kissed her all over the back and she moaned softly in pleasure. He unhooked her bra and cupped her bosom, pressed them gently and she again turns to him. She threw her bra aside and he started rolling his tongue all over her bust and slowly started to suck them with love and passion. She closed her eyes and kept on holding onto him. His tongue rolled down to her navel, she shivered. She holds his hands firmly and changed their position.

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She goes above him and locked his hands with hers, bites his neck, and leaves a mark. He could not help but laugh. Slowly and playfully her hands go gown and unbutton his jeans. He is hard, she could feel it well. She blushes and removes her entire clothes on her own. He could not take his eye off her. In that dim light, she looks like some Goddess. He admires her beauty while she helps him enter her. She watches her perfect moves on him. She bents down while moving and he kisses her hard. His hands cover her globes and that only excites her more. She starts to move faster and faster and after good romantic lovemaking, they collapse on each other.

She keeps on lying down while he cleans both and help her dress. She was over drunk and tired from the course of their lovemaking. She falls asleep faster.

James, sitting beside her keeps on wondering what just happened between them. He remembers the first time when he saw her, in her pink long off-shoulder top with black bralette whose strap was visible, and she was careless about that. He has always liked her but never thought of anything between both. After his first breakup with the girl from his hometown, he never had an urge to be with another girl and has always been able to distance himself from them. But from the very first moment he saw Jessica in office, it has been disturbing for him. He tried hard to control and distance himself but her gorgeous and careless smile, those cute little eyes had the charm. The moment he saw tears in them, he could not handle it. It broke him inside out and he knew he would do anything to erase those drops. He looks at her, she is deep asleep and her ducklike lips look so cute on her while she sleeps that he kisses her right away. He thought that he is going to keep her no matter what happens.

His thoughts get interrupted with a knock on the door. People are calling them out for booze. He lets her sleep and goes out. When people asked him about Jessi, he tells them that she has fallen sick, has puked a lot, and fell asleep. The party continues.

Almost after 5 hours of sound sleep, Jessi wakes up. The last night she has drunk so much and then the same morning drinks have made her mind and nerves restless. She could still feel her head spinning. She sips the water from the bottle kept next to her bed. She could hear the music playing outside. She slowly remembers whatever has happened and she feels embarrassed about herself.
“How would I go out and face everyone now? How would I face James? What will people think of me?” She manages to come out of the bed and goes out of the room. The moment she comes out, James comes rushing to her, ” Hey, are you fine?” She could not gather enough courage to look into his eyes and takes a sit. She finds out most of the people have left and only 7 of them are staying back for the whole night.

The first thing James did was he gave her some food to eat. She eats like a baby without making any eye-contact with anyone. Everyone could sense something is wrong with her, but they all were too drunk and high to ask her anything. She feels a sigh of relief. After finishing her food, she lights up a joint, something, and the only thing that keeps her calm and NORMAL. She feels a lot better once done. The party re-begins, they get more booze and more joints and good loud music. Almost at midnight they stop tired. They gather around the table and start discussing life. Everyone opens about their personal life one by one, that is when she gets to know that James had a break up a few years back and after which he never got involved with any-other girl. In front of everyone, he accepts that night that he is in love! Again! With Jessica!

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Everyone congratulates them. Jessica has never been so happy in her life. She knew she feels for James, she knew that it was all real and genuine and she would do anything for him. They spent the entire night watching her favorite movie together, hands in hands. After the movie, they spent the night talking about their past and what they wanna do going forward. Everything seems to be perfect that night. She hugs him while sleeping.

The next morning, she wakes up when James tells her that they need to leave by 11, so they are ordering breakfast. She ends up ordering everyone, omelet, sausage, bread, and juice, her favorite. After finishing the food, they clean the place a bit and take leave. He drops her to her PG and leaves for his flat. She wanted to talk to him, but he gets stuck with family and works. She spends the entire day sleeping.

Things changed after that day for her, she would happily go to the office where they would meet and spend all the shift together laughing, they would go for breaks together holding hands. He would drop her back home after office somedays. There would be days when after their shift they would explore new breakfast places in the city along with the other people from the team (who stayed back that night). The day they went to a nearby lake is the best day of her life till now. All of them went together and sat beside the lake and take pictures together. She teases him stating that “you will not bring your camera for me ever?” and makes puppy face. He feels like he would kiss her right there, but he controls, she runs away laughing at him. There is a dam by the lake, she insists to go down and take a close look, everyone tries to stop her, but she does not listen. James loves this side of her, she won’t listen to anyone after she decides to do something. He agrees to take her down while everyone awaits them. They go down together all the way, she loves it. They take a few pics together and he kisses her cheeks there. They come back up together.

There would be days where she insists that he should pick her up on his way to the office, most of the time he fails to do so. She would make an angry face but the moment he is in front of him she melts.

Things were going fine until the day he gets a call where he had to switch his company. She gets upset, so does he. But they decide to make this workout. He always wanted to run his own business but with his own money. But he was not able to save enough to start it over. There was pressure on him from his family as well, he had things to do for them.

One day they meet outside her pg. She has been awaiting his calls as he is there for an interview. The office was close to her PG. So, she has met him in the morning before he went in and she was confident that he would make it, but he was not. He was very nervous and scared, she holds his hand and said, it will all be the fine baby! So, when the call comes in the afternoon, she hesitates a bit before receiving the call. When she does, he was almost crying. She immediately rushes out to see him. He made it. He pranked her that he could not, but he did. Both become so happy that day but within a while he becomes sad. He says that the salary is not enough to make my dreams come true. He could not believe what he heard from her.

“Well, if it’s not enough when it is your salary, then include mine, I earn too! That is our money. Together! We will make it fine! Nobody to date sounded so promising and caring to him.

Till the time he gets his joining day confirmed, he used to meet her once in a while, frequency of calls between them lessen down, she would wait all day for him to talk to her but he would make some excuses that he is busy with family or he is busy figuring out his business set up. She has no issue with any of them, but what she hated the most is that she is losing all her importance in his life. Once they made love and failed to take precaution and he made her take the contraceptive pill. The next day, she fell sick, he still could not manage to come to see her, rather he sent a common friend to her PG to take her to hospital. He almost had no time for her.

On the one hand, she was all ready to give her everything to him, on the other hand, he was too busy in his own world. It only got worse when he started working in new office. Office, then his own business and then his family, she found herself nowhere in his world. Never to date she had gone to someone’s place and cooked for that person, but for him, she did that too. She was falling apart, nobody saw that. She hid her tears from everyone, even from him. In that new city, all that she wanted was to hold on to him and grow together. Even though it all started picture-perfect, it all fell apart. While working she worked so hard that she did not have to think of anything else, but once she comes back home all tired, she could not sleep. She cried, days after days, but his calls never came. At times, she tried to check with his friends what’s going on with him. They all would say he is all fine. She would try to call him, and he would only be busy. One moment he would receive and say he loves her, next moment he becomes busy. All the time he would be surrounded by his family, his sister is always been overprotecting to him and spoke to Jessi a few times to ensure James is with the right person. But whenever they met, she would keep on calling him. They hardly met and when they did half of his time go away with his calls from family and rest his work calls! Jessica would still calm herself down with just one fact that they at least met for the day. She never wanted to bother him while he is working or with family, but he never saw how lonely she was far away from her family. She had no friends to talk to, the only person she could share her thoughts was him, but he was too busy to know anything.

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One fine day he came, to meet her in front of her PG. Even though she wished to see him desperately, she switched off her phone and did not go down to see him. He left after a while and the next day onward same thing followed. She was tired, she was done. She gave up.

One morning, after her log out she came back to her PG and dialed him. Luckily, he was not busy and picked up the call.

“James! I need to tell you something very important.”
“Yes, Jessi.”
“I am with someone else and I don’t wish to be with you anymore.”

There was a silence, but it was finally broken by one word from him.

He did not stop her, he let her go. She could not believe her ears. She hung up the call and for the next 4-5 hours she sat clueless with thousands of questions in mind. All these days they have been together, meant nothing to him? He did not feel like stopping her. He promised her a future together but still, he let her go. He is fine to know that she is with someone else. What would have taken him to just to say one thing? How could he let her go?

He came back, a few months later. When he was better settled in his life. He thought she would let him in. She told him, she was with nobody else, ever. He was happy, but only until she said the last words.

“You have lost me long back when I was sick, and you chose to work. I now know how to live alone. Please leave. And please know this, I will always hate you, James. Till my last breath.”