She is a girl working in one of the MNCs. She has the height of 5’4″ with a fair complexion. There is no sign of fat in her body. She is a hot gossip amongst the guys on floor, be it her teammates or not, be it the managers. She has got many proposals from the very first day in office, but she hates such attention. The mole just right below her lips has made her more attractive and guys would die to have a chance with her. But she hates everyone.

Like every other nights, she logs out from office. She skips her meal and directly goes towards the cab zone. It was still 45 minutes to go for her cab to start. She goes to the nearby shop and bought her fag and lit it. She takes a puff and start observing the people around her. This is something she often does, it helps her to kill time as well as a new reason to not to be mingle with any of them.
Yes, she is a loner and she prefers it this way. She never liked too many people around her. She is not an introvert at all, it’s just that she hates people. People are useless, she thinks. She takes another long drag and takes her phone out. 1.15 am! The watch says. She unlocks her phone and opens Facebook. There is nothing interesting that could help her kill the next 30 minutes. She keeps it back in her new ‘Gucci’ bag. “That’s a good one, I got a good deal”, she wants to pat her own back but prefer to stay put. She looks up and there he is.
“Not again!” She thinks. Keeping her thought aside, she says hello to him. She could clearly see him blushing. How disgusting one could be, she wonders. Every single day this guy would come for fag with her and even though she hates it more than anything she can not tell him. Somehow she manages to avoid him within 5 minutes. “He is so ugly!” she justifies herself.

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He is a guy with average height of 5’10” with a dusky complexion and a perfectly built body. He is a recently promoted assistant manager in the company. From the day one he joined the office, he has been a hot topic amongst all the girls. There was no exception in his college too. He has dated too many girls from college but the day he joined office he decided not to date anymore. He was done with all the random girls. The day he was promoted, he got so many calls, most of them were for sleepovers, maybe they thought it would get them promotion easily too. But he had never compromised with professionalism.

He is in the training room, done with meeting the new bunch of folks the company has recruit. These folks are going to be aligned to him. He has been aligned three other teams as well and this is the fourth one. He needs to go to the floor and check how the other teams are doing. He starts to wrap up when the trainer of the new batch turns up. She told him previously as well that she needed to discuss a few things but he knew that it was an excuse. She has called him many times at odd hours and he never picked up.

“I told you, I need to talk!” She insists.
“I am sorry, I was occupied. Tell me what it is!”
“It would take long, let’s talk after log out? Coffee?”
“I don’t discuss work after office hours. I need ‘ME TIME’.”
“I don’t mind though. I was actually not feeling well. Could you drop me home tonight?”
He knows what it means. He knows he is not interested. He offers to book a cab for her as he has to go somewhere opposite to her home(obviously that was just an excuse). She leaves.

He goes to floor and check with the other team leads. He checks his watch. ‘It is time’, He thinks. He leaves.

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She comes out of the cab and takes stairs to her flat. She stays on 17th floor of a 25 storey building at Andheri. She has been staying here for last 2 years. It is a residential society with all the facilities that one would need. The moment she enters the lift, she could smell him but as usual he was not there in the lift. She smiles. A flow of current runs through her spine, she could feel her heartbeat going faster. The lift stops. She skips a beat. The door opens. She comes out of the lift. All the lights of the corridor goes off, she hears footsteps. And he comes from behind and blindfolds her.

This is not something new for her. This is the moment she looks forward to everyday. She awaits for the nights impatiently, this is her escape. The first day when the same thing happened, first she thought it to be a power cut. The moment she was blindfolded for the first time, she froze. Fearing the worst, she wanted to scream but someone shut her mouth with the best smooch she ever had. She knew what it could mean, how miserable her life was going to be afterwards,but she felt a strange urge to let that guy make love to her. She still calls it lovemaking unsure of the fact if the guy feels the same or is it just a flinch for him. But if it meant nothing to him, why would he continue the same for four months! It definitely means something special to him as well! She thinks.

She turns towards him. He smooch her hard. He lifts her and takes her to her doorstep. She takes out the key and opens the door. He makes her stand, takes her bag and keep it aside. She stands at the same place like an obedient student who has been punished. He comes closer to her, she could feel his breathe. She could smell him. She wants to hug him, but he push her to the wall. He squeeze and suck her bare shoulder and smooch her twice. Then he stops for a while when she leans towards him. He helps her to reach his lips and she smooch him back.

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He drives back home. Tonight he drives slowly, deeply lost in the thoughts of meeting someone special tomorrow. It brings a little smile on his face. Although that someone is nobody new to him, he is still nervous. His family is unaware of the fact that he has already met the girl they are going to meet tomorrow. It was all his plan, he somehow managed to make an account of the woman he was always in love with. And one fine day, when his parents forced him to start looking for match, he showed the profile to them. They found the girl to be beautiful with a height of 5’6″(enough for an Indian Girl) and with a fair complexion. She is working in a well known MNC and belongs to the same caste of their son. They immediately reach out to her parents and fixed a meet.

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The next morning, he wakes up pretty early as he could not sleep much in excitement. The first thing he did was he called her. She disconnected. He had no clue why would she do it. She might be sleeping, he thinks and goes to the kitchen to make some coffee for himself. While making coffee, his mom joins him in the kitchen. After a while, once the coffee was ready, he again dials her. Again she disconnects. This time, a text message pops-up on the screen: “Do not call me! Ever again!”

Unsure of the reason behind her behaviour, he sense something fishy. What could be the reason behind this behaviour. She has never done this in the last 2 years. What made her do this today! He thinks. Is she playing with him? She knows that his parents are going to show up to her place today and she was more excited than he was. She must be kidding, he thinks.

After a good thirty minutes the landline of the house rings. His mom answers the call and before she could say anything she hears a beep. Her face goes blank and she stares towards Jacob. Though he can not ask her anything directly, his eyes surely did. “They have called off the meeting and said that your son is a spineless characterless swine!”

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Tonight is the first time he let her touch him. Everynight he has been the one who has been dominating, controlling. He wants her to love him tonight. She thinks. She smooch him so hard that he runs out of breathe. He squeeze her thighs. He suck her earlobes and the lick them. She goes numb and goosebumps fill her all over. He put his fingers inside her mouth, she licks them slow and suck them with perfection. He reaches her neck and mark her. She could feel that the inside of his trouser appealing. Within a blink, she could feel that her shirt is unbuttoned and he pours little bit of wine on her navel. He licks it gently and then suck it. She was in black lingerie which attracts him more towards her. He removes her trouser, turns her around and lick her bare back. He makes her kneel and put his fingers in her mouth.

She could taste liquid chocolate. And then he spanks her, bite her neck and mark her hard. He makes her sit on his lap and remove his own t-shirt and kiss her softly this time. She blush again. She rolls her finger all over him and to her disbelief he does not stop her this time. She licks his chest and bite it. He clench her hair. Her hand reach her trouser and plays with his knob. Then she undress him and could feel how hard he is. She squeeze it more and more and then goes towards it to taste it. She likes the warmth there. She rolls her tongue perfectly put there and cup it with her mouth and blow it, slowly, up and down. He moans. She blows him deep and then deeper.

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He pulls her up, thrust her on the bed. He slides the lingerie from the shoulder. He lie down beside her and slowly remove her lingerie. Then he goes down and holds her globes and press them hard, squeeze them. He then, cups them and run his tongue in between her bosoms. Then she put her fingers on her own and directs his tongue on them and it makes her hard from inside. He goes down, lick her navel. He goes further down and lick right there. She cross legs and makes it easy for him.He rubs the clit with his fingers first and then with his tongue.

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And he enters her. He moves so perfect, she thinks. She does not want to be a spoilsport and match his moves. First gentle and then hard stroke awaken the beast inside her. She moans loud. He stops and lie beside her. She get up and ride on him. He hold her from the waste and she keeps on riding. She collapsed on him after a while.

He stays put. Unlike other days, he does not get up and leave immediately. Gathering her energy back she gets up and tried to unblindfold herself. “I hope you are ready for this.” His voice echo in the room. She freeze.


With the tears in eyes, he immediately gets ready and leave the house. He needs to know what he has done wrong to her, the lady love of his life. On his way to her place, he keeps on calling her. All his calls goes unanswered. Fear start covering up his minds, tears in his eyes. From the day he met her,he changed. He still remember, how amazed he was when he first saw her in office. Even though he thought it to be just another random affair of his, he figured out soon that he was developing feelings for this girl, Jenifer. He could not help, but this piece of beauty with brain drove his crazy ass off and he fell in love.

From that moment, till now, he never spoke to any other girl. The only mistake he did was he hid his past from her. He could not gather the courage to tell her how he had just went for random dates and slept with so many of them. He just could not.
Is it possible that she got to know his past and decided to cut off from him? He needs to explain her everything. She deserves to know the truth. She was not cheated, he is not a fraud.

He reach her house. He could see many people has gathered near her place. Is there any function? Then he sees that few of them are crying mercilessly and few are trying to shed their tears from other. He could sense something and starts praying that it is not the end. It can not be the end. He goes inside the house, he can not spot any known face. Where is uncle, aunty? Where is Jeni? He thinks! He keeps on moving forward and then stops in front of Jennifer’s room. It is not the first time he is here, he knows all the places in the house. He can see aunty coming out of the room.

He wants to ask something but he receives a tight slap. Before he could come out of the shock, he receives another. And then the shower of slaps make him numb. Aunty is crying, her tears has no boundaries and then his eyes go inside the room. Jenifer! She is not moving, her eyes and blank and towards a pointless direction. Her eyes are stoned.
She is hanging from the ceiling fan!


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“What the fuck! Who are you” She forgets to remove the cloth from her eyes. She is scared, never ever in her life she has not been so scared. She could recognize the voice.

He helps her to unfold. She seem him. She could not utter a single word. It was him. The guy she had been in love once. The guy who made her heartless, the guy who made her hate every human being. The ugly guy from his office, the ugly guy from her college, the ugly guy she had slapped once. Jacob Gomez!

Jessica was with Jacob in her college days. Like every other passing affairs, Jessica too was just a fling for Jacob. They have dated for 5 months when Jacob wanted to cut it off. She was not ready for this. Till that day, nobody dares to say a ‘No’ to her. She was shattered. She cried days after days, nights after nights. She pleaded Jacob, she begged him to come back to her. She threaten him to kill herself. He did not listen. He already started dating another girl.

Slowly, her call volumes went down, she started to appear in classes, they graduated. Jacob thought she has come out of it. Little did he knew was his every movement was being tracked, someone was waiting for the right time to come. Someone who wanted him to know how it feels to be heartbroken when the love of your life leaves you. Jessica had waited for him to fall in love. The kind of love she was in with him once. She waited for the day to come when Jacob would think that his life is going to be perfect now.

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The morning their parents were about to meet, she whatsapped Jennifer few pictures and clips which shows Jacob with other girls. Some of the pics had him kissing other girls, where few of the videos had him fucking other girls.Those were not fake, the only thing she had lied was that those pictures and clips were from the same time Jacob was with Jenifer. Jenifer could not take it she believed what the stranger had messaged her. She could not believe her eyes and she ended her life.

Jacob wanted the police to be involved and to find out the reason behind her decision but her parents denied. He later somehow managed to find out the reason and the moment he got to know Jessica was behind all these, he wanted to screw her up.
He wanted to force Jessica everynight, so he chose to be dominating. But slowly in the course of dominating her, he felt weak for her and that was the only reason that night he allowed her on him. Jessica could see tears in his eyes and she has no clue what to do.

“I am sorry, Jacob. I just wanted Jenifer to leave you. I had no clue that she would end up killing herself.”
“That still does not change anything.”
“Does it not? See, at least you came to me, every single day for the last four months and you made love to me.”
“I fucking did not. I wanted you to be screwed more and more”
“I already did, long back when you left me and more when you fell in love. I could not let you be happy with someone else.”
“You fucking killed her, you bitch.”
“Don’t dare to call me that.”
“That’s what you are! A bitch!”

He slapped her,once twice and then pushed her. He could not look into those eyes of her. He now knows what does love mean and he knows Jessica too was in love with him. He too is equally responsible of Jenifer’s death. He could not control his tears. He leaves, forever!

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