Its almost a year that I visited Goa and the beach call was very hard to avoid. Hence, I decided to visit a destination with lot of beaches minus the touristy crowd and trash dirty beaches.

I had some obvious choices in my mind: Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Phuket, Krabi, Bali or Dubai (If the mood changes to shopping by any chance).

I read multiple blogs and trip advisor forums to conclude. I had some deciding factors for the destination, for example: The beaches shouldn’t be very crowded and full of rubbish and trash (you know the type of beaches I am talking about), It should also be a place which is well equipped to handle tourists. Apart from beaches it should have wonderful Islands and hot water springs would be wonderful addon. My friend Antara recommended Krabi, as she was impressed with the beauty of the beaches.

So, I went with the obvious choice, Krabi.

A quick Introduction, Krabi is a province on southern Thailand’s Andaman coast which has hundreds of islands. Apart from wonderful sea beaches, it offers hot springs, a wildlife sanctuary, sea caves, flourishing coral reefs and exotic marine life, limestone cliffs and national parks that include the island paradises of Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta, one could easily spend weeks in Krabi.

E-Visa on Arrival is important if you don’t want to spend 3-4 hours in long queues and a small interview in immigration. You can get the visa from the E-Voa official website. They will inform you with all the requirements for the same.

Note: Visa on Arrival is free (as of now). You can check the official website for the accurate information here.

Please make sure, you choose a good hotel or accommodation, because after returning from the day trip or Island hoping, you will have to take rest. There is a local problem of bugs and mosquitoes, so be careful and make sure to carry the mosquito repellent cream and a sunscreen with you all the time.

The trip was better than the HongKong trip in 2016, much better. When we landed in Krabi on the 7th, it was raining, and it continued till 9th but that didn’t affect much of our trip since the rain was not heavy and it was intermittent.

First day, we were completely tired as the journey was for 15 hours, including connecting flights and layovers, but it was worth it.

The warm welcome to the Holiday Inn was something special, I loved it. They gave me a handwritten letter and welcome drink was given to us. They were very caring, while we were looking for an immigration slip, that was given in the airport by the Immigration officer.

My trip to Thailand (Bangkok & Krabi) 2

Once there was a time, when it was raining, and we were waiting at the hotel lobby as we didn’t carry an umbrella, once of the staff members came to us, to offer an umbrella and informed us that we can keep it with us and return before checking out. I know, it’s a very small gesture, but I am thankful for that.

There were two things during my trip which holds a special place in my heart.

First one is the Sky walking experience in the glass tray, my mom was laughing and getting scared at the same time. She was so excited, that she was behaving like a 5 years old kid, and to be honest, it means a lot to a son. Coming to my experience I was shit scared to stand on the glass tray, and the helipads and sky-high apartments under the tray made it scarier. The 12 hours layout in Bangkok was worth it.

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I wrote a detailed post with all the trip and booking details. To read it, please click here.

The second one is the trip to Phi Phi Island. I took all more than 100 pictures to show off during the trip. The clear waters, snorkeling and the funny guide, everything was perfect during the trip. I made all the bookings through Oriental Holidays, and they were perfect almost everything.

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While picking us up for the Emerald pool trip, there was a delay for around 10 minutes. I was worried, so I contacted the person (details were present in the trip confirmation email), he responded within 5 minutes, and followed up with me continuously till the time we got our pickup. Well, that’s what we call customer service. Thanks for that Thai Oriental Holiday (co.) Ltd.

To read the complete details, expenses and experience, please click here.

Every trip had two guides, one for the English-speaking people and another for the Chinese-speaking people.

I kept this blog short and crisp, to make sure, you guys are not bored.

To conclude, the trip to Thailand was extremely satisfying and over-whelming.

I would like to take a moment out to thank the entire team of Holiday Inn Express Krabi and Thai Oriental Holiday (co.) Ltd for making our trip memorable. If we visit Thailand for the next time we are surely going to stick with you.

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For expenses and complete experience, please click here.

My trip to Thailand (Bangkok & Krabi) 3
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