Why is that if India’s any picture will be published in an international level then it will be always of some slum or half-naked children playing around. Why is it always some lady who looks severely malnutrition carrying a naked baby in her arms? Is it actually real India??

I don’t think so. Real India has so much more to offer to the World and show them. Then why is always poor India showcased? Why not the development or the growth or infrastructure or the natural scenic beauty?

It is already time for the world to see India in a very different way. They need to know that we are not the country of snake charmers only. We are not the country where you will find diseases and you l fall sick on a visit. You can have stomach issues though after having the real Indian food because most of the world is not accustomed to having spices in their food regularly. So, yeah, for the food… you need to choose carefully because we Indians have a lot of spices.

I remember attending training from my office, where the trainers came from UK and USA. they were visiting India for the first time. During the training session, they revealed that they are shocked to see Cadbury in India. I mean… C’mooooooonnnn…. Cadbury? Really? And guys… I am not kidding… this happened in 2015. They said there friends and relatives were wishing them luck and praying for their well being and come back without diseases. Because they thought that is going to happen here in India.

I think the reason behind India’s poor picture in front of the world is us. We sharing and complaining about India always on social media, instead of appreciating. Always comparing with other developed countries. Why do we need to compare ourselves with developed countries? We are still developing… So, let’s compare with developing countries, Not with USA and UK.

I do agree, that we have issues. It is not that India is the supreme power or India is Great. But we can make our country great. We should start supporting the growth. We youth are working so hard to get a better lifestyle and because of our, these wants India is changing. India is trying to fulfil our demands by changing and developing herself. So, let’s support it. Let’s not share stupid things and let us not compare our country with anyone… We are unique. Let us stay in that way…

Just think about it…

I am an different girl trying to blend in this normal world. Been addressed as "abnormally" normal. My ideas and imagination are out of this world but that's my world and I here to share my world, ideas and views with you all. This is my safe place to show my creativity.