Recently I wrote a blog about this Lady I saw in my previous company and how crazily I fell in Love with her. (If you haven’t read that and want to read it then, please click here.

The reception I received about the post was something I never imagined. Friends and family members who never read my blogs made sure they read this one. Some of them liked it, some of them disliked it, some of them loved it but most importantly the readers read it which is what matters and which is why I write.

Some people who were our mutual friends got all crazy and were like “I’m gonna get her to unblock you.” and “I’ll make sure you two be together.” Some of them might have even texted her which I’m still unaware of and which was something I discouraged people from doing.
The one who did not like the post said “How can you fall for someone just by looking at them? Life is not a movie. Be mature and come back to reality.”

Some said, “Why didn’t you made any effort to get her to unblock you or tried talking to her.” and “Just send her a mail and say I love You with the link of your blog and she’ll go weak in her knees because no one makes such a bold move and women love this.”

Well! Firstly, I never wrote that blog expecting her to unblock me or to make her happy. Instead she must have been extremely mad at me if she has read it because I did not know her so well personally. Neither did I wanted to look like another creep who was trying to get into her life which was the reason why I did not dare to bother her any further. I just wrote that because I felt like writing it. This was the first time a nasty guy like me felt so pure speaking to someone and I wanted everyone to know about it. As I said I did not know her personally and that’s the reason I only praised her for how she looked, walked, spoke and wrote.

Secondly, speaking of just saying I Love You to someone. I don’t know about others but my concept of saying “I Love You” is a bit crazy again. It’s very well explained by famous monk Tenzin Palmo Jetsunma which says that there are two deep meanings of “I Love You”.

The first one says, “I love you and I want to be with you.” This is more like an attachment. It’s something we want to hold on tightly to and don’t want to let go which eventually causes pain. The more we try to grasp, the more we’re afraid to lose and when we lose, we suffer. This is not something that I would like to believe in especially in my situation.

The other meaning says “I love you and I want YOU to be Happy. If that includes me, great! If not, I just want your happiness.” It’s not about trying to hold on tight. It’s about holding gently and allowing things to flow. If it’s bound to be yours then end of the day you will be blessed with it. If not, then you’ve got to let it go and that’s what I believe, and I’ve let it go a long time back. As I said previously, she is an empress like her name and deserves an Emperor and not a Degenerate. The time I’ve seen her around me, spoken to her for a while, smiled at her, read her poetries fulfills me completely and there’s nothing more I would expect.

Lastly, speaking about “How can I be in Love just by looking at someone?” I have no explanation honestly but that’s what is the best thing about Love. You cannot explain about how or predict when and where you might be in Love with someone. It is something that happens, and you have no control over it. In a world where we believe that everything happens for a reason, let’s just try and accept some things unexplained. Love is ever constant, unchanging. There is no separation by degrees, levels, or kinds. There is no comparison or judgment since there is just one kind and it is inside you, me and everyone. Ego and the world around would have us believe otherwise.

Sharing the little you have with those in need can turn around a life without you realizing it..
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