Do you feel the winds gushing by,
The sun tanning our skins,
The gentle rains smearing our soul,
And the beautiful mosaic stretching across the sky…
These are a few little things, to which our heart clings.
And one such zing started a while ago…
When everyone seemed too busy,
The pretense was the trend,
With no friends to rely on,
Loneliness and depression hitting too loud…
I was but just a loner, a bystander sulking in the crowd.

And then, it happened…

I remember…
You looking at me with those starry eyes,
They aren’t blue, but definitely hypnotize,
Even today they don’t fail to mesmerize.
With every call, you looked more beautiful, cuter,
And killing me when it complimented your Patiala suit.
The black bindi and kajal is what I miss,
Yearning for a moment to kiss your lips…
I love your messy hair and the thunderous crackles on my jokes,
The virtual hugs, your cheerful chucks,
Your flawless face and my never-ending gaze…

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Do you remember the time in 8th grade when we first met?
You said white suits me.
But ended up making fun of me as I wore white almost all days after that…
Those times in class when you hit me with your leg under that table,
And I calling you fatty and pulling your cheeks…
The happiness when you bought your first Nokia phone,
The times spent traveling on a local train together
And the memories at the ice cream store will always remain…

Those friendly hits,
The greetings of joy,
The crazy gossip,
The humored lies,
The gleam of your eyes behind those glasses…
They all intoxicate me, making me high…

With you, it always feels like home…
Let me tell you,
I feel pathetic when you’re hurt,
Your smile is what I wanna wear,
You’re the only girl I wanna care about…
I just love the way you are,
With no need to hone it, no gym to tone it,
The face you wear is clear to me as the sky,
Your arms are the solace when I wanna lie…
I want to trace your skin, adore those stretch marks,
Kiss the moles on your face and chest…
Be your shoulder to cry on,
Your partner to rely on,
Carry your dreams and mine on a single plate,
For this life and the lives ahead,
Drunk on the feelings we share,
Cherishing the bond we once care…
And finally, with my guts and glory, I want to say this…
I love you.
I will never let you go.
I miss you

An old soul lost in 21st century. I share parts of me in everything I write. A daydreamer with soulful imagination, a keen observer, my eyes always searches for the emotion behind each action.