“Was he there with you the entire night?

That’s weird. Who are you to ask that question?

Just answer my question (Yelling)

Stop yelling. And you do not have any right to ask any question like that. He was here last night and he has been here with me before too.

How dare you spending the night with him? Who are you to spend the night with him?

Ummm… His Best Friend.”

This is the conversation I had with the girl, who was once dating my friend. The correct word would be cheating, as she was dating other guys too at the same time. I would use the word cheating as, she wanted a commitment from my friend and she wanted to get committed to him, but she was seeing other guys too. That’s is cheating, that’s what I think. Please let me know if you think otherwise.

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Here is my question… why can’t my best friend stay at my place overnight? Is it because he is a boy and I am a girl? Or is it because he was dating someone and I lose the authority to ask him to stay at my place? Is it some kind of rule? If yes, then who made this rule? I don’t understand it. My friend was in distress, he came to talk to me. We have spoken, had dinner, watched a movie and then he has fallen asleep while watching it. How is it wrong? How can anyone question me on that?

I have another best friend, but she is a girl. No one asks me any stupid question about her. We will always hang out, we will always spend nights at each others place. Then why no question? Is it because we both are girls? Is gender really a thing to define your friendship with someone? I don’t think so. Then why?

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Friendship does not see any gender, colour, race or anything. It’s just friendship. It defines the people, who care for you, who trust you and you trust them and you know that they will be with you when you need help. Why do we make it complicated? Why can’t it be simple? It is not necessary that a girl and a boy has to fall in love. They can be friends… best friend. There is no difference between a girl best friend and a boy best friend. (Of course, if you ignore the weird stuff).

I know some of you will not agree with me, but trust me a lot of us have been through this situation, where your friendship is been questioned because you are friends with the opposite sex. Had to answer some ridiculous questions. Like, “Hey… what’s going on between you two? You guys will be always together.” “Are you guys dating?” “…Oh C’mon… tell me the truth… A girl and a boy can’t be friends without falling in love” At this moment I hate those movies where the best friends ending marrying each other and proving these stupid sayings true. I mean, I understand that there is no best life partner than your best friend, but still, we can be friends with one and still can fall in love with another.

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Speaking about love, why your friend’s girlfriend or boyfriend get jealous of you? Why does your friend get to spend the entire time with a girl/boyfriend? Is it because of the love each or like each other? What about the love or likings between your friend? Doesn’t that matter anymore? Why do they even get jealous? You both have been friends for these many years and you have never crossed a line. Isn’t that enough for trusting? If not then what other proofs are required?

We go through these situations in our lives and we just miss that one friend for the entire life maybe… but I don’t want to lose my friend just for some stupid reason. Just for some stupid people, who come around and make a mess around you and leave, do not lose a precious person who you already have in your life. Who have been with for quite a sometime now and knows you, maybe better than you. Who understands you and accepts you in your weirdest forms too. I do not have a lot of friends in my life, but I have 4 of them, whom I trust and I know they will stand by my side when I need them.

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And same for me, I have always been there for them and I will be because they complete me and my life. My family is an important part of my life, but my friends are that part which will always be needed and required. Because, there are times when you can’t talk to your family not even with your partner, but you can talk to your friend always. For sure they will give weird solutions to your problems, but that weirdness is the fun. And sometimes, those weird solutions works.

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