Caden woke up from a bad dream. Panting, gasping for breath.

He was scared. He could feel a presence near him. But there is no one at home. He turned the light on over nightstand and looked at the entire room. He drank a little water and walked towards the window. he could see an empty road outside the window, calm and cold. Not a single soul was present on that road. Caden looked around, not sure what was he looking for? He turned to his bed. Switched off the lights and tried to sleep again.

Caden is been getting these nightmares for the past few weeks. He feels suffocated, trapped in a small place. He wanted to get out, but he couldn’t. He can feel someone’s presence but can’t see anyone. He cries for help and tries to get out of that place. He wakes up every night at this point, turns on the light, drinks water, walks across the room, stares at the empty road, and goes back to sleep. This has become his routine. 

Caden stays alone. He broke up with his girlfriend recently and she moved out. He is looking for a roommate to fill up the empty room and to have another human around him. Caden was never scared or empty. But everything changed in Caden’s life since he visited that graveyard. Correction, everything changed from his last visit to that Graveyard.  


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He has visited that Graveyard numerous times before, in the hope to catch a glimpse of the paranormal. But nothing happened, ever. His girlfriend, Ezra, never liked his interest in paranormal. She tried stopping him again and again. She was scared that someday, Caden will bring something dark along with him. They used to have a fight whenever Caden used to go on ghost hunting. But that night when he returned from that Graveyard, Ezra freaked out looking at him. She decided not to stay with Caden anymore. She was shaking, shocked, scared, angry. She was reciting her bible verses while packing her things. She left for a motel immediately 

Ezra visited Caden after 2 days to take her rest of the things. Caden tried reaching her again and again in these 2 days but every time Ezra said that they are done and she can’t stay with such dark things, she can’t stay at a place where she has a threat to her life. Caden tried talking to her, after all, he loved her,  but she wouldn’t listen. So, they broke up. Since then, Caden is getting these dreams, nightmares. 

The next day, Caden met one of his pal from high school, Tucker. They had a plan of buying some more equipment for ghost hunting. They have already listed out everything they needed. They bought a night vision camera too. They had only one camera and It was not enough. They set up the camera at Caden’s bedroom to check how does it work. They left the camera rolling in the bedroom and both of them sat in the living room. They were checking the room in Caden’s tab. The camera feed was on display. In between, their pizza arrived. So, they set the tab aside and started enjoying the pizza with a baseball match.  

After some time, Tucker was checking the feed again. After looking into the feed, he ran to Caden’s bedroom. Caden went after him. He told Caden that he saw a figure. A kid in the bedroom door so, he came in to check. They looked at the feed for some time then laughed it off. Tucker stayed for another beer and then left. Caden locked the doors. Checked the windows and headed to bed. He decided to let the camera roll overnight. As usual, he woke up from the nightmare, switched the lights on, drank water, walked up to the window, gazed at the road, and went to back bed.  

Caden forgets about the rolling camera. He remembered the day after when he got a beeping sound of low battery indication. He changed the battery and checked his camera video. He was shocked, terrified, scared to death. Every night camera has recorded a small kid in his bedroom. The kid appears to come close to his bed every night slowly. He moves slowly, very slowly. Caden gets the nightmare with the appearance of the kid in his room and the kid disappears as soon as he wakes up. Caden was shocked and didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know this kid.  

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He showed this footage to Tucker. He was equally shocked and told him that he has seen the same kid in his room the night they set up the camera. He asked Caden to stay at his place until they figure out the solution to this problem. But Caden was so excited that he has got what he was looking for years in his own house. He could not be thankful enough for this. He doesn’t want to leave the house. Instead, he asked Tucker to come and stay at his place for a few nights. Maybe he will be able to see the kid, maybe they can communicate with that kid. Little did Tucker know was, this situation is will turn from bad to worst. But he could not get Caden to agree on leaving the house. So he decided to come and stay with him for some time until they can fix it. But before moving, he wanted to do some research. So, Tucker decided to stay with Caden after 2 days.  

Tucker tried looking up the kid and then he remembered how Ezra left the house. It’s not that Ezra didn’t love Caden. She loved him deeply and Caden loved her too. Then why did Ezra left him in just one night? Tucker contacted Ezra. He told her everything and demanded to know, why did she leave Caden. She did not want to utter a single word but Upon hearing about the video feed, she agreed on meeting Tucker at the church and tell him everything. Getting a response from Ezra was tough. In between, Tucker received the video from Caden for 2 nights feed. In the last video, the kid was standing near Caden’s head. He told Caden to be safe. It’s just a matter of one night and then he will be moving in with him. Caden seemed happy to see that kid near to his bed. Tucker was worried about his friend. 

Tucker met Ezra at church in the evening. She was hesitant but she told Tucker everything. She told Tucker that every time Caden went to that Graveyard, his shadow darkened and became thicker. But the night she left, she saw a kid standing behind Caden when she opened the door for him. Caden couldn’t see the kid because he replied “who” when Ezra asked, “who is that”. The kid was looking directly at her, which terrified her and she decided to leave. She said that she had a feeling that the kid did not want her there. She also said that the kid was moving very slowly. When she packed her bags and was leaving the kid was barely inside the house from the front porch. Tucker showed her the kid from the video they have captured. She recognized the kid, freaked out, and left. 

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Tucker decided to pack everything and to stay with Caden from the same night. He called Caden and asked him not to go to bed until he comes it. He will be late, but Caden must not go to bed. He agreed.  

It was little past midnight; Tucker was knocking at Caden’s gate but there was no answer. When he did not open the door, Tucker used the spare key under the doormat and let himself in. He did call 911 asking for help too. He entered the house calling Caden and staying online with the operator. He walked towards Caden’s Bedroom. To his horror. He found the lifeless body of Caden on his bed. He let out a haul. 2 police officers arrived they checked the property but there was no sign of any forced entry, struggle in the house. But there was a struggle over the bed. Police called the paramedic. 

Tucker was looking at Caden’s body. He struggled in the bed. He tried saving himself. His eyes and mouth were wide open as he was gasping for air. Police were doing their work, but Tucker remembered the Camera. He checked the camera footage. It showed the kid. The kid slowly climbing on the bed, sitting on Caden’s chest, grabbing his neck, choking him to death. 

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Caden fought for his life. But he could not win the fight against the paranormal. Tucker was regretting his decision of staying away for 2 days. He could have saved his friend. He was crying and watching the video. After killing Caden, the kid turned to the camera, as if he knew it was there. A chill went down Tucker’s spine. Tucker decided to take a few pictures in that room. Caden’s body was still in his bed. One police officer was standing over there and taking measurements and pictures. Another officer was out in the living room talking to Medical Examiner. Tucker quickly took a few random pictures with Caden’s body in the background. 


1st picture: Kid was sitting over Caden’s head and looking at him 

2nd picture: Kid looked at the camera 

3rd picture: Kid was crawling over Caden’s body towards Tucker. 

4th picture: Kid was standing on the corner of the bed 

5th picture: kid’s face was on Tucker’s shoulder and he was smiling at the camera.