My little brother asked me ‘what is life’ in a very serious mood. I was playing a game in my mobile. So rather than making it simple for him, I tried to be oversmart – so that he goes away thinking about my definition and lets me concentrate in my thrilling game. I defined life as – 

Life is a collaboration of failures and experiences so that you can achieve something or the other for mental and physical needs.” 


He just took 5 seconds pause and again asked me – then why do we always do the same thing when we have already failed. 

This time I was getting angry on him and I knew this 10 year old kid will not go until I respond to him in a funny way. 

So, I started my speech as – “ZINDAGI EK PUBG KI GAME HAI

Where we get killed many times in many games but we still play. Why do we do that? We do it because all of us wants to win. We want to get that chicken dinner and rank 1 among 100. Its not possible for us to win alone that’s why we create a team of 4 members.

The same rule applies to life. We can’t win in life alone. That is why we have family and friends in our lives. We first learn in a practice mode which is our school and college then apply that learning in the game mode in whatever field we go in – be it a job or a business.     

We will fail – we will not like it but we will still keep on doing the same thing. Do you know why? Because we all want to have that chicken dinner and we all want to win. We all want to rank 1 among 100s and thousands of people. We want to see our families and friends standing beside us feeling proud to say that we have done it. 


I don’t know what happened to my brother, after my speech he went to his study table, opened his books and started studying. I think I just taught him what life is, at the age of 10. 


I have heard this famous saying many times – Give your best in whatever you do – does not matter how small the work is. 

One suggestion which I want to give everyone here – once you think that you have won the game and still you are not feeling good – stop for a moment – look back and think why did you start? For what reason? If your present situation is better than past, then you are a successful person My friend. Now you need to help others to reach this place. You need to be some one’s friend or some ones family member so that you can support others to reach there and let them have their chicken dinner 🐥 

Sharing the little you have with those in need can turn around a life without you realizing it..
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