When asked about how does he keeps his wife happy, Actor Will Smith has replied “Her Happiness is not my responsibility. She should be happy, and I should be happy individually. Then we come together and share our happiness. Giving someone else the responsibility to make you happy when you cannot do it is selfish.”

People usually ask me “How can you be so happy by staying single and alone?” I found it funny because I never found it important for anyone to be around me to make me happy. I had my own space to be happy. However, I had no words to explain to them the same thing. Recently I watched a video featuring famous monk and my favourite speaker, Jay Shetty. I then had my words constructed on how to explain people about being happy.

Everywhere you go you hear a bunch of people saying that they’ll go mad without their Lover and their Lovers keep them Happy and Healthy. Sometimes you see people always being dependent on someone else to keep themselves mentally stable. Honestly, these are all good if you have someone like-minded in your life. But if you have someone with a different mindset, it can turn bad and you cannot blame them for that.

Your happiness and your good health are your own responsibility first. It’s unfair to expect someone to make you happy and depend on them for everything. It’s unfair to make someone your whole world. When we start to depend on someone else for our own needs, we tend to put ourselves in a situation wherein we don’t grow or make our own responsibility. End of the day, we outsource our own well-being. The fact remains, we cannot guarantee that the person on whom we are so dependent is forever going to be there to take care of our happiness. So that means if they leave us, we leave our own well-being as well. In fact, they’ll leave us much quicker than they picked us up.

I’m not here spreading hatred or saying that relationships are bad or asking you to stay alone forever. It’s just a long-term message. It’s always good to learn how to carry and take care of our own selves.

Usually, we feel good when we have friends and family around us. But on the other hand, we feel alone and upset when there’s no one around. We miss the opportunity of enjoying our own space and feel unhappy and depressed. It’s during that time we realize how we feel about ourselves. It’s important that our happiness starts with us first and then with someone else. Happiness is all about how we feel about ourselves when we’re left by ourselves.

You will meet people who will be there for you during the good times and the bad times. Do let them know how lucky you feel to have them around and express your gratitude but don’t depend on them wholeheartedly for everything. Or else you will end up pushing them away rather than bringing them closer.

Somebody famous once said, “Don’t be too much dependent on anyone in this world because even your shadow leaves you in the darkness.”
Always remember: Be happy in your own space first. If you’re happy from within, only then you’ll be able to share that with loved ones around. No one is going to make you happy until you yourself do it. It’s your mistake that you depend on one someone for happiness. In today’s world, people whom you can’t live without can live without you.

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