You think you know your friends? You think you know your enemies?

You must be thinking, that what kind of stupid and vague question is this? Right? Even I thought the same when the thought came to my mind.

Hey Guys, welcome to TheMoodRecipes, let’s take a deeper look on some of the vague and stupid questions.

You know who is your real enemy?
The one who manipulates you with distorted facts and half information, to fulfill their selfish (of course acting as your guardian, your best friend, your sibling) but trust me these fuckers really know how to suck everything out of you, in exchange of a small profit. They are the people who teaches us whom not to trust and why?

You know who is your real friend?
The one who teaches you to do things on your own, makes you independent, teaches you to dream, he always supports you whatever the situation is, even if that costs him something. S/he is the one who helps you to get your shit back together, and fight for all that you deserve. The one who doesn’t spoil the movie/tv series if he sees it first. Haha (that’s my personal add on)

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You know who is your real lover?
The one who supports you through all the part of your journey and makes you feel alive (may sound a bit filmy to you, but that’s a fact), the one who is not jealous of your achievements, the one who claps when you get to a place you which you deserved from a long time. The one who sees you beautiful ignoring all the flaws and shopping lists and tantrums.

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You know who is your real admirer?
The one who supports you from background, without asking for any credits, or any other expectation. The only reason, he does is because he is an admirer, there is no hidden reason or any plans behind it. He just wants to see you smile.

You know who is your real guardian?
The one who stands in front of you as a shield, the one who protects you from toxic things, people and events, warns you of the problems that you might come across by the help of the real experience. S/he is the one who defends your back, even if it is not needed and you are completely safe.

You know who is your real mentor?
The one who teaches you the tricks and tips of completing your task without working like a machine. S/he is the one who guides you through the huddles that comes in your path to the set goal. The one whom you can trust to show the way, without any jealousy or expecting any favors back from you.

You know who is your real partner in crime?
The one with whom you have the most awkward and weird memories. The one who has some screenshots/images of yours, which could destroy your social image at one second… ha-ha literally. S/he could be your best friend from school/college or anywhere outside your workplace, as best friends don’t happen after your college (very rare exceptions).

You know who is your real teacher?
The one who teaches what it takes to survive in your life and moving forward pushing back all odds. The one who teaches you to stand up when you fall on your face. Not the one who teaches trigonometry or algebra (well, I am still trying to figure out, where the fuck it is needed)

You know who are your real family members?
The ones with whom you can’t imagine your life going forward. The ones whom you love the most, and unconditionally, without expecting some favor or even without any motives (If it’s not the same from the other side, then best of luck).

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You know who is your real well-wisher?
The one who prays for your success and wants you to succeed. She is the one whom you call mother(parents). You are really very lucky if you have a second well-wisher. Do not lose them under any circumstances. It is very rare to get one real well-wisher who stays with you throughout your life.

By reading most of the negative ones, you must be thinking it is pointing towards your manager, well well well… you are not wrong completely, I am not going to comment on it.

Be very careful of what you consider someone in your life. It is very important to recognize people and their true intention, in case you are not able to do that, situations and life have must make you aware of the price tag.

So, what do you think? Are these questions stupid and vague as it seemed? If No, let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.

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