This morning I received a Facebook add request from an unknown person. There were some friends in common, so I accepted to see who exactly this person was and went to sleep after that as I had just come from my shift. I woke up to see 5 missed calls on messenger from this person and a message saying ‘Hi!’ followed by the notification that “You cannot reply to this conversation anymore.” The account was no more active. I realized who I had just dealt with. This was something I have been dealing since last 2 months. I’ll start from the beginning here…

So, I happened to meet this lady in my previous company and initially we became friends. We dated for a month and then we had a brief relationship for 6months which did not worked out much and we parted ways. I’ll not go into the story about why we broke up because that will again take me to a different story. Post break up she proposed me that we just be friends and I accepted to make sure there’s no bad blood between us, but I never knew that this was the biggest mistake I will be ever making.

After a while I get to hear from colleagues around me that how there were stories about me all over the work place. There was suddenly a famous saying about me that “Faiz is a Casanova and uses girls for his own sexual pleasures and dumps them once he’s done.”

Another friend comes and asks, “Dude! How can you hit a woman?”

“Why will I hit a woman? I’ve never done that even at the most heated situation.” I corrected.
I get to know this another story about myself being physically abusive towards women which I’ve never been. More than 10 people have texted me and said you have bad mouthed about me. I had to give a whole bunch of explanation that it wasn’t me who has said anything about them. Apart from that everyone comes to me and tells how this same lady who proposed me to be her friend after the break up shares all the hate and “I deserve better!” posts on social media. I don’t know where did the “Let’s just be friends.” thing go but suddenly I was her biggest enemy and was being looked down on around the whole work place because of all the stories she had spread about me which was one of the reason I left that place.

However, that all stopped when she came and met me one my last day and said she had not said any of those. Also, I apologized for passing a comment on her which was not a good one (but I had made just one comment after she has done everything). We were good now and then I left the place and moved to a different city to work.

After that she texted me for hours and in paragraphs. One story being repeated 5 times for no reason. Because of her being my ex, I did not feel much comfortable entertaining her messages because she tried drifting the topic towards the past. So, I tried ignoring the messages mostly.

I wished my mum on her birthday and posted a picture with her on my WhatsApp story and she replied wishing my mum with another picture of her which she had saved maybe from her Facebook profile. After a while I realized she have saved multiple pictures of my family members on her phone which included my mom-dad, siblings, cousins, uncle, niece and the list goes on. Even today she texts my siblings for no reason. We had a gathering among friends before I left and the way she got stuck with my sister made everyone say “Dude! If not you, now she’ll try to impress your family and get in. Try keeping your sister away.”

Moreover, I then see her sending me my own pics which I had added on my social media after we broke up and told me how good I looked in them. Hell! She also had my childhood pics out of nowhere. When I thought enough is enough, I blocked her from everywhere once again but that never stopped her. Just like today, she has been creating fake profiles on Facebook and Instagram and have been texting me since last 2 months.

People say that she truly loved me. I just want to ask them, what sort of love is this? First you spread stories about me not being a good person and then you religiously stalk me and my family everywhere. It’s been almost 10 months since both of us separated and still I have been dealing with her antics to this day and have no idea as to when will all this stop.

It’s not bad breaking up. You’ve got all the right to break up with someone who you feel is not the right ones for you and you’re also supposed to let a person go if he/she is not happy being with you. If you end things with dignity and respect, you’ll not regret being in that relationship in future. Being obsessed and stalking the other person makes things worse. I went on from Loving her to Hating her for everything. It’s how they say “Obsession is the single most wasteful human activity. It keeps bringing you back and back and back to the same person and end up with nothing.”

Sharing the little you have with those in need can turn around a life without you realizing it..
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