There are little things your man does that shows you both have a future together. If he brags about you or tells people all the good things about you, then he’s a keeper. If he introduces you to his friends as a friend you better advice yourself because that man might have different intentions either than making you his forever woman.

Just so you know, some may pretend to care but actually don’t. Look out for the right signs that are convincing enough before you go ‘gaga’ thinking all he has and thinks about is you. Here are a few signs that shows that your man is not thinking of a future which includes you both.

5 Signs That Proves You Have No Future with Your Man

1. He Disagrees with You All the Time
Love works when you both are in agreement most of the time if not all the time. You should be able to get along very well and agree to things on both sides. This is not to say he should support you on your bad decisions. But when you know this is right yet he does not give you the support neither will he agree with you, then he’s not the one.

2. His Friends Do Not Know About You
Just like women, men also go about sharing what’s new in their lives with friends. They create jokes, share their love stories and sometimes tease each other over petty things. If his friends don’t know about you, he’s not your forever man.

3. He Doesn’t Talk About the Future
A man that discusses the future with you has intentions of including you in it. If he can’t talk about future plans whenever you’re together then, he might have someone else in mind or might not think you’re good enough for him.

4. When He Can’t Accept You for Who You Are
We all have both positive and negative traits, and it takes a willing man to accept all of your flaws. If your man can’t accept you for being you, then he’s not the ideal man for you. He should be able to accept some basic things about you like your choice of fashion, food and tv programmes and most importantly your career. Not being able to accept you for who you are is one of the biggest indicators that you have no future together.

5. He Calls You Names or Insults You
Any guy who seriously loves you won’t ever insult you not even when you do things wrongly. The best thing any man can do is to speak to you and try to correct you by telling you why this or that is not right. If he calls you names like dumb, piece of sht, trash or a btch, girl that man is not your forever man. Dump him and own yourself, you deserve better.

Ultimately, love is important but other factors do play a critical role in sustaining your relationship. If you have a man who shows any of these signs, it might be the right time to call it a quit. Don’t waste your time building a future that does not exist.

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