You are what you believe in,
Pain is inevitable,
Sufferings are never-ending,
Attraction towards mortal beings are irresistible,
Expectations increase disappointments,
Love is hidden with the desires of Lust,
Greed has taken over self-love,
Wealth became more important than health,
It is not the culture that you are following,
It is just the choices that you make.

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It is the choices that lead you to your destination of strong emotion.
Either it can lead you towards a Lane of happiness or a lake of sorrow,
It all depends on you.
You are what you believe in.

Anyone can become an ink stain on a white shirt,
Anyone can become salt for a cake,
Anyone can become a fork for the soup,
So, in this world full of fake smiles,
Be a smile that sparkles your eyes,
In this world full of artificial things,
Be a tree that gives shade,
In this world full of bitter truths,
Be a soothing lie for a loved one,
In this world full of practical life,
Be a carefree kid who lives in their own imaginary world,
Life is one, it cannot be relived again.

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If there is happiness enjoy it,
If there is pain feel it,
If there is love express it,
If there is suffering there is hope hidden in it,
If there are tears there are smiles waiting to wipe it,
Every emotion is priceless live it.

So Live,

After all, it’s all about you, you are what you believe in.

This post is written by Tanuja Rao (Guest writer).