Yesterday, while coming back from class I noticed a girl in metro.In one word, she was stunning, from tip to toe she was perfect.

As I put off my earphones, a line came into my ears:

aaj kal ki ladkiyaan bhi na,zara bhi tameez ya sharam,kuch v nahi hai..kapde toh dekho kse pehne hai!”(girls today are so shameless! they don’t have sense of cloths!)

Another line I heard next was:

“Bhai, saali ko dekh kaisi maal lag rahi hai! Look at her kinky pink straps and wait..gosh her bare belly! Oh yes! Smooth legs too!”

I was shocked!
I wondered even after being a woman how can that aunty judge her like this?  Moreover, she was wearing a saree that clearly reveals around 7 to 8 inch.down her blouse of her bare belly with 5 to 6 kilos of fat inside it! BUT THE GIRL’S TOP WAS JUST REVEALING 1 TO 2 INCH DOWN THE NAVEL LINE!

And next comes to that guy!I so had an urge to go to him and tell him that brother, your so called “BALARAM”underwear is half out of your pant! At least she was wearing an expensive bra! And her legs were smooth cause she must have spent a lot of bucks on that and they don’t smell foul like yours!


I heard some guys discussing a girl who was probably wearing an “old fashioned full body covered salwar suit”
Well you call her old fashioned cause she wears covered cloths and she becomes a “maal”when exposes!

As we all know “CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME”why don’t you aunties start wearing shirt types blouse that covers your tummy and fat? And why don’t you boys stop showing under wears, that doesn’t definitely makes you look cool anyways you fools!

Do you really think we girls spends all the money in parlours an shopping complex just to impress some head(brain)less pimp?