Rahul took out his keys from his pocket and opened the door like the last few weeks. Here comes the end of another tiring day in office. Now all he wants is to put his laptop away, change his clothes and relax for some time. Rahul entered his home and pour a glass of chilled water for himself. Earlier Kavya, his wife will usually come running with the glass of water and took his bag from him. Nowadays she gets late from her office it seems. Rahul sighs! and thinks ‘Oh Kavya! How you have spoiled my habits’.

Entering his bedroom Rahul sees that Kavya is in the home only, sleeping at the corner of the bed, wrapping a crumbled sheet. Rahul got surprised, Kavya didn’t tell him that she won’t go to the office today. What happened?

He came and put his hand on Kavya’s forehead. She has a temperature. Seeing her sleeping peacefully with folded legs and arms, Rahul turned off the AC and put a thick sheet on her and pecked on her cheeks. Feeling his touch, Kavya smiled in her sleep.

Yes, She will be loved!! 2

Rahul checked his surroundings; the whole apartment looks so messy. Usually, he would watch a match at this time for an hour and work on the pending reports thereafter. But today he felt like clearing the mess around the first time.

He cleaned the dirty utensils of yesterday, which were kept in the sink. Brought the clean clothes from the balcony, folded them neatly and kept inside the almirah. He seems lost, he doesn’t know where should he need to keep them, ‘Kavya will put them at the right place later. Let me put all the clean clothes at the front rack only’ – he thought. He vacuumed the carpet and corners. Organized his work table and kept the books back to the bookrack.

‘when does Kavya do all these? so much of work.’ He came to the balcony. All the plants look dry and limp. Rahul brought water and pour them. ‘its surprising!’ Rahul thought ‘every day I sit relaxed at the balcony with a hot coffee… but never pour water to the plants earlier’… ‘Nah! Too much of work, the pressure is on Kavya. How does she do all these things alone every day? Poor Kavya.”

Seeing Kavya got awake, Rahul went to the kitchen and make two coffee. Bringing the tray with two cups of hot coffee into their bedroom, Rahul sat on the bed and asked “how are you feeling Kavya? See today I made coffee for both of us.” Kavya looked at it with a faint smile. “not for me”- she said while coughing. “Don’t say this. see I made it for you only. Now have it like a good girl till it’s hot. It will help to cure your cold” Rahul pushed the coffee cup to her hand.

Yes, She will be loved!! 3

“Rahul, you forget I don’t drink coffee”- said Kavya while getting up, “and it’s okay. I am fine” she heads to the toilet.

Rahul could only make a face. Seriously, he forgot it completely… Kavya doesn’t drink tea or coffee. She makes Hot chocolate for herself when she prepares coffee for Rahul. It just slipped off his mind.  ‘Anyway, I will drink both of the cups now’ Rahul thought, ‘let her check the apartment, how I worked, she will surely be going to praise me for that.’ But that also didn’t impress Kavya. Apparently, Rahul has not cleaned the sink in the kitchen and wiped the water from utensils, cleaned clothes are also kept mixed with the dirty ones. Kavya got back to work, while Rahul could only watch her doing the chores. He understood that he knows nothing about their home and daily chores.

Suddenly Kavyas’s phone started vibrating on the bed. The phone got connected to the network now. Rahul casually took it to see. Messages are popping up on the phone screen. … ‘Baby, how are you feeling now? ’.. “Do you still have a temperature? ’.. “Please take the medicine I bought for you, yesterday. I kept it in the left side pocket of your handbag. Have it after you eat lunch, okay?”… “I miss you in the office. Not feeling like working”.. “Will you come tomorrow to the office? Please come ☹”…. “I miss you so much, Kavya” … one by one message pooped in front of Rahul’s eye.

Yes, She will be loved!! 4

‘What the hell is going on? Who the f*** have messaged my wife like this?’ Rahul knows the lock Kavya uses on her phone. He opened and went through their conversation. There are so many chats between them, which shows they are close and talk about every moment with each other.

Rahul threw the phone back to the bed and got up to the balcony. What did he just saw? Kavya is having an affair in the office? He can’t believe this. But He can’t deny as well, he saw their conversation with his own eyes… when did it happen? How come he didn’t know?

Rahul started thinking. Now he knows, from few months Kavya seems changed, she comes late from the office every day. Kavya who used to always run around Rahul seems ignorant about his whereabouts these days. Suddenly Rahul realized, she doesn’t run around with a glass of water when Rahul gets back to home anymore, she doesn’t message Rahul how was the food in tiffin today, she doesn’t call him to make a plan for a sudden dinner nowadays, she doesn’t sit beside him anymore asking how was his day in office and they both bitch about their project and colleagues for a good laugh anymore.

When did all change? Rahul can’t figure out. But he already knew the answers. All these things are what Kavya tried, she called, she messaged, she planned, she ran around… while Rahul simply just took part. Rahul never initiated or put effort into their relationship after they got married. The only thing he is focused on is his office and career. Rahul can’t remember doing things for their love and relationship. Once betrayed, he is intelligent enough to understand how he lost out of love.

Yes, She will be loved!! 5

So, what shall he do now? He feels like thrashing the person to his feet, confronting Kavya and question her morality. The anger inside him making him feel restless. He just threw the coffee out of frustration. Cannot imagine someone else has held his Kavyas hand, hugged her. How close are they actually? How come Kavya let this happen?

But among this sea of anger, he was drowning into, there was a siren beeping inside “KAVYA is leaving” … NO! Rahul knew that he can’t let that happen. He needs to do something to win her back… He will do whatever needs to be done. He will show Kavya that he is still the one. Kavya can’t just reject him and move close to someone else. “Kavya is mine”- Rahul murmured.

The next day, Rahul took leave. He planned a surprise for Kavya. He bought two movie tickets already. Kavya’s office ends in the evening at 4.30 pm. He will reach and give surprise to Kavya, and pick her up from office to movie and then dinner. He picked up a bouquet from the flower shop but the traffic jam took time for him to reach to Kavyas office. Parking his car nearby Rahul went towards Kavya’s office hoping she hasn’t left. While walking suddenly he heard a familiar sound. Stepping back at the roadside Rahul went forward towards the sidewalk. At the end of the road, there is a small food stall for snacks. Kavya is standing there with another man.

Rahul saw that they have ordered food and while waiting for it, the man is buying a balloon for Kavya and telling something in her ears. Listening to him and holding the balloon, Kavya is bursting out of laughing.

Yes, She will be loved!! 6

The sweet sound of her laughter is spreading like ripples of water, like a flute playing in the background. Her flying hair, dangling earring just made a framed picture with rays of setting sun in the background. Rahul could not move, he can only look at her without batting an eyelid from a distance. When did the last time he heard Kavya having a laugh? When did they laugh out together? When did the last time he made Kavya happy?

Rahul did not move forward. He knew he can bear to see the scene as long as he sees Kavya happy. Seeing her happy and laughing, he feels calm and peaceful inside. All he wants is to see Kavya happy. He doesn’t want to confront the other man any longer.  Kavyas happiness is most important to him, that is all he wanted. Rahul realized that he deeply loves Kavya, by all his heart.

Rahul turned around and got back in his car. He will go back to their home. Today when Kavya comes back, he wanted to forward the glass of water to her. Today, he will definitely not forget to make a cup of hot chocolate for Kavya. Today, he will wait for Kavya… and tomorrow and the day after…