I wanted to write something about this movie and my life for a long time now. We all connect to movies, but this movie was an eye candy for all the Youngsters. We all got dreams about our Job and how we would want to lead our life like. The people who can do it, call themselves successful and happy. And people like me who can’t, would always dream to have a life like one.

This movie revolves around a character called “Bunny”, who chases his dreams at any cost. His dream is to be a travel blogger, who wants to explore the whole world and shoot it down with his camera ( I have the same dream! ). The twist in the move comes when the four friends go on a trip to Manali, which was planned by Bunny, who wanted to give his friends a surprise regarding his scholarship in an American University. His best friend (Avi, played by Aditya Roy Kapoor) is quite upset about the fact he will leave him and go there. They had plans to open a Bar of their own (Not a bad career option!) . But Bunny had other dreams.

Have you noticed, all the nerdy girls fall for an enthusiastic guy? Well, this is what happens in this movie as well. Naina (Played by Deepika Padukone) falls for Ranbir but couldn’t say him anything and he leaves the country for chasing his dreams. End of Story? Nah…. If it was, then there would never had been Bollywood films. The film continues with how Bunny peruses his dreams and lose contact with friends and family over the next few years. He loses his dad and couldn’t be back to India because he was on a trek and couldn’t get the news because he had no communication back there. He comes back to India to attend one of his best friend’s marriage. He meets Naina there (she is still single after 8 years! ) . They spend some time together and he realizes that There’s more to life than conquering peaks and achieving targets. Sharing the precious moments with your loved one is what matters eventually. He stays back and that’s the end of the Movie.

The real life doesn’t end like this, does it? I find myself very similar to Bunny who ran after his dreams till a certain age. I could never say these to everyone, coz these are my feelings. When I was doing my engineering, I wished to go abroad for my higher studies. It was all set, cracked IELTS and was looking for a university to Apply. Here comes the twist (Real Life twists are much more pathetic than the Reel Life) . While I ended my final Semester, I got to know that my Father had ulcers all over his digestive system and he needs to be operated. I didn’t realize that was serious! I had to take my dad to the hospital when he fell off at home, due to weakness in his body. I felt real scared for the first time in my life and I cried a lot that day! (It was after a long time) . When went to the Hospital the next day, Doctors told me ” It is quite serious, and the biopsy report will confirm whether that’s a first stage of cancer (we all scared of this term) or not.

The report came later in the evening and thank god it was not there. But, my father was still serious. We had to keep him in Hospital for a month. That time, I realized (Being a single Child) how much my Dad was dependent on me. I have always known him as a strong man, who doesn’t depend on anyone, but that one month I noticed a change in him (Probably because he was getting older). That change shook me drastically. People say Boys are close to their mothers. In my case, it has always been the opposite. My dad was everything to me. On the 16th day of his stay in Hospital, the doctor in charge told me “Your father is still recovering, and you need to stay beside him for a few years now to make sure that he is mentally strong”. I thought and thought. I realized there is nothing more important to me than my Father and my loved ones. I decided to stay back. I haven’t given up on my dreams though. I still dream about going places, but with my mom and dad. He is keeping healthy now! I stay in Hyderabad for my career and visit him every 2 months. When I go home, I still see that dependency in his smile (Which makes me a proud Son).

I find “Bunny” in myself because he also realized after something drastic happened in his life. Well, that’s the same for me. As Michael J Fox said, ” Family is not an important thing, it’s everything”.

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