So here I am thinking of something that would happen, and it actually happens and I freak out. My brain to me “Is there someone watching me? Is someone listening to me? Am I being spied by aliens?”

How come everything I ever wanted is coming true, Life has been so kind to me. Given my bad experiences in the past, I just cannot accept life being so gracious to me. God is listening to me, I know.

So these are the thoughts that cross our minds when we realize the fact that Universe is actually communicating with us. Everything from here changes, it changes us, changes the way we see things, we feel things and our thought process.

Suddenly you see things coming your way which you once had expected or wanted to be a part of your life. A college you wanted to go to, a job opportunity you didn’t want to miss, the life partner you’ve always wanted.

These are just the manifestations of your positive thoughts and incorporating positivity in and around your life.

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They say “whatever you give to Universe, it returns to you twice of what you’ve given. If it’s negative things then you know what to expect. But if you have been random acts of kindness and encouraging people, keeping your goals straight and being honest to yourself and people around you, You are bound to receive twice the happiness you have been giving people.

Karma and Universe work the same way “You get served what you deserve”. I have realized, no matter how hard I try to catch life, it always defeats in the race and I keep wanting more until one fine morning I don’t, I just stop.

Life becomes beautiful with not running behind it and letting it work on its way. It’s like a river, the more you want to take control of things, you get pulled into it deeper and deeper until you drown and they show as our Sadness, tears, disappointment and resentments and regrets.

We should take life as it is, we should accept ourselves at our worst, and never forget our roots. As that is the driving force behind who we aspire to be and who we desire to be.

The universe works in mysterious ways, often times we don’t realize that our hardships are preparing us for our future and is actually laying down the foundation of our greatest selves.

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We often doubt our capabilities and overlook the signs given by Universe, thinking it’s just another dumb coincidence; only it’s not.

The universe is trying to tell us to slow down, and think about what we really want, weigh out the consequences of our actions and whether we are getting anything out of it.

We start expecting a lot of things and do our duties expecting something in return. While it should be the other way round. We should do things to make ourselves useful, to someone or something “society at large”

We shouldn’t expect results or immediate gains out of what we are doing. There are values and morals that we should follow which will be our guide towards achieving our greater selves.

One who has strong determination, a clear understanding of right and wrong, wilful virtue is bound to excel in every possible way that even life has to run on his own terms.

Evil and good coexist everywhere, within us, around us and in every corner of the world that we are inhibiting.

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We have to be strong enough to pick the virtuous side of every deed that we do or is told to do, only then we will attain that peace of mind and good night’s sleep where we can be free of any regrets and resentments or failures.

The universe helps us in every way but only if we help ourselves is when we excel. These are way too heavy words to exercise in daily life.

But personally, the Buddhist spiritualism and their understanding of life have helped me deal with my darker side, my demons.

I was drowned once and thought I could never come out of it. That is when I turned to Universe for help. Started the self-healing and self preaching process. I learned my ways to deal with worldly chaos with the two most powerful attributes of life that we all have but we do not utilize “Silence and observe”. They can teach us and open our minds in ways that we can never imagine.

Note: These are my ways to have dealt with how I overcame the struggles of life. One can follow and one can develop their own values and morals as long as they know what is RIGHT and what is WRONG.

My personal opinion of how I perceive life, always have, and always will.