According to a recent study by Mercer, 33% of the employees have already planned to quit their jobs within the next 12 months.

If statistics are to be believed, more than 79% of people quit their jobs every day. Almost 60% of the people in every company are serving their Notice Period right now all around the world. We think that people leave because another company offered them a better Pay but that’s not true or I must say that’s just a small part of the complete story.

World Study shows that more than 80% of people quit their jobs because of a Lack of Value, Recognition, and Benefits. About 50% of people leave their jobs because of the toxic work environment and unwanted stress at work. Lastly, the Conference Board reported that about 53% of people are unhappy at their current jobs.

Apart from the salary, the reason for most of us quitting our jobs is because we feel less appreciated, less cared-for and less invested-in. I remember the very first day that I joined my current workplace and we were asked about who was that one person who inspired us and out of 20 people, it was just one girl who said that it was her previous manager. Study reveals that 59% of us believe strangers more than our managers. We don’t like to trust our managers and bosses because we do believe they don’t have our best interests and do not understand our life problems. We never try to understand that it is not our manager’s responsibility to help us deal with our personal problems.

So Dear Employees, if you’re reading this:

  • Do not wait for someone to spot your talent and rather demonstrate them yourselves.
    It is not your manager’s responsibility to manage your personal life, learn to manage your time and responsibilities.
  • Do not burn out or work overtime for an organization that does not invest in you or value your time.
  • Do not continue working a job if you’re unhappy doing it. Remember that you are working for an organization that will replace you within a week if you die and then acts as if nothing ever happened. Find another way to make money which is fulfilling at the same time.
  • And if you are working a job you hate, then it is on you. Do not blame others, especially your family for it. It’s not their fault end of the day.
  • No one might have told this to you what I’m about to tell you and that is, it’s okay to earn less and live a fulfilled life. Be rest assured that when you believe in what you’re doing then you will excel and earn efficiently. By doing this you also will be setting an example for your children. They get to see you working the job that you love and please remember, your children follow your footsteps. They will be doing what you do.

Now, to the Managers and Bosses: Dear Leaders, if you are still reading this, thank you. I’m not experienced enough tell you all that to do but its just a request.

  • Please try to schedule a meeting with each and every employee and ask them about their views on what needs to be done.
  • Ask your employees about how the culture on the floor and the project you’re working on can be improved.
  • Ask them about what changes would they like to see.
  • Identifies their areas of improvement and their talents and help them work on it.
  • Appreciate them and let them know that you value their contribution.
  • And if you get time, ask them about their work-life balance, ask them if they feel valued working under you and if not then what changes will make them love their role working under your management.
  • Lastly and most important of all, be ready to hear what they say. Be ready for honest feedback. If you listen to them, they will listen to you.

Steve Jobs said, “We do not hire smart people so that we can tell them what to do. We hire smart people so that they can tell us what to do.”

When people feel appreciated and valued, their own company naturally becomes more valuable because you do have people who are motivated and purposefully there.