So now as i’ve a bit better knowledge than yesterday and some readers’ suggestions, i am selecting this comparatively tough topic. :)
#hope_u_like_it!!!So as for now the major issue is the daily war going between these two countries INDIA & PAKISTAN some people are concerned on the topic that whether India should keep feeding some pakistani people(rather artists) or not.
Well as we Indians are too kind sometimes and pity people easily I personally believe we should stop being nice to those particulars. Maybe they are not the culprits but did u see anyone opening their mouth against those terror activities? I believe “NO”. Rather we have seen some of them are kicking the ass of India only!
Okay! Now come to the next point. IS IT THE DUTY OF THE SOLDIERS ONLY TO KEEP THE HEAD HIGH OF THE COUNTRY? No,right? Have you seen those mothers, those wives,those sisters& brothers, those children waiting for their son/husband/brother/father to just call them once to tell that he is alive? Have you seen them crying just to get one small glance of that particular human being? IS IT THEIR FAULT THAT THEY ARE HELPING US TO SLEEP PEACEFULLY AT NIGHT?
As I have seen some of those worried people, I have tried to feel their pain, I think we should at least take a small step so that these people get to know that yes we the countrypeople are with them!
Can’t Pakistan feed their own people?

Well if  KASHMIR was the only issue what about the other attacks that took places in all other different countries? And how can all the people keep their mouth shut and rather support those activities? How can a country have terrorists in their army? How can a country give safety to the terrorist by moving their bases in the main land so that they get their ass safe in the back of common people?

So, as I am coming to the end of this particular blog let me say I support the ban on the criminals(well the reason behind calling them so is as they are supporting the terrror they are equally guilt i believe). I LOVE MY COUNTRY, I LOVE INDIAN ARMY, I AM SUPPORTING THEM WITH THIS SMALL STEP.

I believe i have kept my logics clear.
Thanks for reading. :)

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