Well, this blog does not at all have the answer of the above statement rather through this blog I would like to ask my readers their thoughts on the most dangerous word “DEATH”. I might not be able to pen down all the thoughts I had this morning and I don’t even know why did I have this thought today all of a sudden. But well, I will be really glad if any of my readers has an answer to it!

Many people always ask what is there after death. But my question today is what is there before death. We say that everything gets fine at the end, so is death really the end? Well I am asking this because I don’t really see that a death actually sorts out anything!

Have you ever seen a mother whose baby died in her womb before or while taking birth? Or have you ever heard a baby crying for mother’s milk because his mother died while giving birth to him? We see parents who can not see their child for a long time and then they pass away while waiting for them. Maybe their last wish to see their child’s face for one last time but they could not. I have seen a parents waiting for their child to come back home after 1.5 years and then death snacthed away that child and all they could see was just a body that does not even call them “Maa/Papa” or does not even give a last hug.

That soldier whose family is waiting for him to turn up in a family function after his fight in the border, turns up in the function with his body wrapped up with the National flag, will he ever find peace just because he died for his country? Was his life only meant for the nation and not for the family?

The guy who has a dream of becoming a CEO of an MNC or the girl who wanted to be an IAS officer, but somehow could not be and felt like they just became a burden, committed suicide, does death give them the ultimate peace that they were looking for?

A girl who was raped and killed, an wife who was killed because her family was not able to provide the dowry, a guy who was killed because he tried to protest for all those, will death ever give them enough of peace?

We have killers in our society as well, who might get a little piece of peace after he kills his target but does it really give him eternal peace?

Once a person is dead we wish their soul may rest is peace, but tell me if a person is buried in ground and his last wish was never fulfilled how come his soul be in peace? Other than the body, does any soul actually get peace?

Other than the ecosystem, does death really balance anything? Does life actually ends on a happy note?


However, may all those souls REST IN PEACE!