This is the word we hear people screaming at us quite many times. We all know this fact very well, that if we can focus a bit more, maybe we can achieve a lot more than what we think or the limits that we set, but unfortunately, we aren’t able to do so.

Going by the definition, it is the main or central point of something, especially of attention or interest.

In this blog post, I will be trying to point out the major reasons, why are we unable to do so. So, let’s dig deeper and see why aren’t we able to focus? What are the practical reasons, without going deep into the boring medical terms.

Below are some of the major reasons, why we aren’t able to focus on what we truly intend to do.

Not getting the right amount of sleep. Human beings spend around 25 percent of their entire life sleeping. There is a reason for that. Sleeping is extremely important for focusing on the right things. It helps restore our energy, gives time to our body to repair the muscles, blood cells and chemicals, so that when we wake up, we are completely charged and ready for the daily work. The amount of sleep varies from 6 to 8 hours. Lack of sleep not only hampers our focusing capabilities, but it may also lead to depression and other mental health complications.

Planning is not done properly. Whatever you are intending to focus, should have a proper planning and roadmap of the plan, so that it can be followed step by step. If the planning is not done properly, there will be elements missing to focus on, and the focusing ability will be affected for obvious reasons. Please make sure, that you plan the things properly, that you are going to focus for short-term or long-term plan.

Eating and drinking habits are unhealthier than we think. Drinking water in proper intervals and having proper meals are more important that we think. It is very important to keep our brain and ourselves hydrated. The fluid keeps our body and mind refreshed, which indirectly helps in maintaining the psychological balance. Please note, we are not talking about the McD’s combo offers. It doesn’t do any good in keeping the balance on.

The environment is messed up completely. Working or staying in a messy environment affects our productivity in a very negative manner. Though the mess may never be on your mind completely, but sub consciously it might be hitting you bad, in return you are not able to focus on the things that you should be currently focus on. I completely understand that our life can’t be completely clean or without any mess, but make sure to keep it as clean as you can.

Unwanted and worthless distractions. We all have some useless distractions in our life. For example, social media, playing cyber games and all other kinds of worthless parts of our daily lives. I am not telling that social media or playing games are bad, but there should be a limit. It should not be compulsory for any person, to check the buzzing phone every 5 minutes, that is wrong, unless you are a person, who is earning bread and butter with social media. We also need to have a song playing in the background, while we are doing something important, the question is, is it really needed? The problem is we get into these things so much, that we forget to focus what is important, and what is required urgently. The priorities get messed up and we are the ones who is getting effected.


Mental health complications. If you have trouble following instructions regularly, there are chances that you are having some mental health issues. There are various complications such as adult ADHD, Auditory processing disorder and others. If you think your symptoms are matching, the best way would be consulting a professional.

Working harder than your body can manage. Working hard is a very good and positive thing to do in life, but there’s a limit to everything and doing anything above the limit disturbs the body balance. As mentioned in the above portion, our body needs enough amount of rest so that our body is ready to focus on the new challenges and the new options that life has to offer us in a new day. Working too hard may have an impact on our focusing abilities.

You need to have a physically intimate relation to release the stress and pressure. It has the same logic, if you are hungry, you will keep on thinking about food, the same thing goes for romance and sex. If you are single, try dating apps and websites. We humans need that physical intimacy, without the same, our focus will take a hit, as it will be looking for the intimacy.

Too much of stress to handle. Stress is literally very bad for your body as well as your mind. Practically, we all are too stressed these days. While I understand that the stress can’t be eliminated completely, but it can be controlled by meditation, yoga, better food, taking a time out from work. If we have a little amount of stress, we can focus a bit more on our goals, which indirectly increases a chance of our accomplishment.

While these are the major contributors why aren’t we able to focus, there can be various other reasons for the same. Let us know, what prevents you from focusing and concentrating on the goal that you have set for yourself in the comment sections below.

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