Well I know what you people are thinking! Where I had been so long?  Did I quit blogging?  Did you people finally got relieved?
Well well well.. The answer is a biiiiiiigggggg NOOOOOOOOOOOOO… I have been writing something new so the social part was off for few days. Yes, I have been writing a different blog. Am sorry I didn’t share it cause it’s still not ready.. But soon enough I’ll.
For now.. come to the point, my today’s blog, rather an issue..No, not the currency, that one will come later.

Before I start, just let me ask you something… DO YOU JUDGE PEOPLE? IF YES, WHY? HOW?

You must be thinking being a girl gossipping must be my favourite thing. Yes, it is. But I like to gossip about you on your face, not about others. I don’t judge anyone, I can’t criticise people on their back. So suppose if I don’t like a song you’re singing I’ll thrash your head and make you stop. I won’t say you sang well just to please you and then go to the next people and say like he ate up my head. Am I not your well wisher?
Now, I can’t go and tell a celebrity that you performed bad or you played bad. So does it mean I’ll not discuss? Obviously I’ll but along with that I’ll not judge that personality. I believe that every fingers are not equal and hence not everyday you perform good. You’ve that potential and hence you’re at that stage or ground. So sooner you’ll prove what you’re capable of.
There are people who are being paid for criticising. So let them do their jobs. But who are you to judge a cricketer? Did you ever hold a bat in your lifetime? Who are you to judge a footballer. Do you even know what off-side is? On what basis you judge an actor? Did you ever try to fake things even in front of a mirror? They do it in front of a camera bro. Why are you judging a singer? Do you know there is scale in music too(scales are not there for mathematical calculations only)..

Yes, being a human you have full freedom to speak. So speak your heart out. But don’t judge, don’t criticise in back. It’s of no use. Tell mistakes on their face, that will help to improvise themselves, or let me guess, you’re just jealous of their capabilities!!