My friend Samar asked me to write anything . I thought why not the daily issues I am tired of facing:

If you are a girl you will be able to, RELATE to this, and if you are a guy, just enjoy :

The first thing I am tired of listing/facing/ reading via WhatsApp chat etc etc , coz I crossed 25 ( age bro age)

  • When will I get married?

The people who are dying to see, me getting married, announcing my reception, Suhag raat and losing my V , are those , who are about to get a call from Heaven ( or Hell may be). And they are most interested in my marriage.

A small incidence to relate to this ( took place a few months back)

One of my neighbors ( one old granny, with artificial knee joint) she called me… yes she called me, being completely un-aware that it is a Monday afternoon.

Ring… Ring>>> and I answered.. After a small intro, like my health and weather at my current location, she jumped to the topic “ MY marriage ”.

Grandma saying : When will you get married, I am about to get a call from your grandpa ( he left earth long back).. When will I see you son’s face…

And my response: Will start to think about this topic, in 2019 Jan. ( made some false excuse and hung up )

My ideal response inside my brain : Why on earth shall I get married coz you will die soon, and as soon as I get married I should conceive and give birth to my son ..

I literally made faces on my own being unaware that people around are observing the sudden change in my beautiful face . ( I love myself> true)

Now lets move to family drama, I am sure this is something many boys will also be able to relate to:


  • To the people of my family, my hormones are working well and fine, and my boy friend ( whom I wish to get married to, if you people make lesser drama) is also biologically fit.


If I am getting married to this particular person in my late 30s , why you are so bothered like anything !!! What an immense pleasure it is giving you by the thought me getting or NOT getting married!!

Sorry guys, understand my situation..

Now relatives are enough to spice up mom’s emotion.

Daily she has one topic to discuss, in different ways, when will I move back to my city, with or without job doesn’t matter!!! What matters, is that, she wants me to get settled. Now too much of drama is related in this, lets not get into this, but why on earth this 2018 marriage tsunami had to happen. Half of my friends got married, which is enough to make me realize I am getting old!!!

No I am just 18 in my heart!!! But my biological parents are too bothered about my biological age.

So here is the summary, I wake up with a mental argument how to answer back to someone who will ask about my marriage. I go to sleep with the same rage inside my mind, thinking how better I could have answered to the question” When shall I get married “.

If you have the best one liner to stop everyone on this planet, please help me out!

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