Hello Readers,

How does it really feel to be in a BPO/IT industry?

Thank you everyone for the overwhelming response on the previous posts, It really encourages me a lot.

Before I go ahead and share my thoughts and experiences, let me tell you that these industries are awesome in terms of paying and providing excellent benefits to the employees(please do not laugh that loud if you belong to the same industry).

Seriously, both the industries pays very good pay package, along with hell lot of opportunities(no your HR/reporting manager didn’t sponsor the post), easy dress codes, and paid on-job-training. We can’t skip these points, while considering the whole story.

If you are a part of this booming industry, I have some questions for you:

  • When was the last time, you were mentally and physically present with your family, without being worried about your KPIs and bugs?
  • Tell us about the last time, you planned a vacation, sorry that’s too far. When was the last time, you planned a movie without consulting your reporting manager?
  • If you are from a different geographic location, when was the last time, you attended a complete ceremony (be it family or religious)?
  • When was the last time, your partner was happy with your timings?

and many more… the list goes on. If you are from any of the industry, you will be able to connect with this blog.

I started thinking about this, when my mom called to check, If this new year, I will be home. And you all have already guessed the answer and reading on with an evil minded smile thinking that we are on the same page.

Anyways, we all have established the point, that we are problem solvers, so we do not have any personal/professional issues. There are many disadvantages and down sides of working in this industry, but all this makes up when we meet our colleagues who later became families and brothers.

Its almost 5 years that I have started my career, and made hundreds of friends during these time, who are very helpful and they are always available when I need them. You may find your family against you and your partner, but you will never find these friends against you.

You won’t find these friends in large numbers, but they are found rarely and they stick with you and your worst decisions, the same way your school best friends used to be with you.

So, this particular post is dedicated to all of our friends cum families, who are always with us. Please feel free to share this post and tag those family members.

Thank you each and everyone.

I am the founder & admin of TheMoodRecipes. I am an IT professional, working for a multinational company. I always wanted a platform to express my views, motivate others and help others figure out the issues, without any restriction or fabrications.