If you feel like your relationship is struggling, one of the first place to look is how you and your partner communicate. Communication and intimacy are intertwined. Communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship. It allows you to share your wants and needs, emotions, desires and everything else that makes you who you are. Without good communication, you can feel misunderstood, unappreciated, frustrated, and even resentful.

Do you really need to improve communication with your partner?


First of all, you wouldn’t be on this page, if you were communicating well with your partner.

Secondly, Just because you talk to your partner, doesn’t mean you are communicating with your partner well.

There are also very obvious indicators like, all the conversations are turning into arguments, you both fail to reach a mutual point where you disagree.

The real meaning of effective communication.

Emotional intimacy should be the main ingredient in the relationship. Be it emotional intimacy or sexual intimacy, it will ultimately contribute to your relationship and the whole chemistry between you guys should be effective. after you guys are intimate, you both will realize that even though you disagree on some point, both will reach a mutual point without disrespecting one another. Couples who are intimate,

In this blog we will try to understand direct and indirect ways to improve intimacy and communication in relationships. Here are the few tips on how to improve communication in your relationships

Pay attention to body language.

There are multiple hints that can be considered. Some of them are watching the tone while she speaks to you when you both disagree on a point or watching the tone in which she says that she loves you. When there’s something which your partner can’t say out loud, you’ll have to read the obvious signs which your partner is showing.

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Nowadays we are very expressive in deciding what we want and don’t want, but we don’t listen to each other. The amount of value we give to express the views, we should give the same to listen to each other. Listening is one of the most critical aspects of better communication and Emotional Intimacy.

I do acknowledge that listening to the difference between the previous smudge proof eye makeup and normal eye makeup is quite painful, but if that makes my partner smile, I am on it.

Respect your partner.

What if you are treated the same way you treat your partner? Whenever you are angry or in the middle of an argument, just make sure that you are not pushing the limit. Be the bigger person in the relationship. You may settle the scores, but that will surely push the relationship points lower. Be very careful while choosing your words in a fight, because that’s what people will remember, not the words you said during cuddling or love making. Emotional intimacy does depend on respecting one another.

Learn your partner’s real needs.

Not every partner needs commitments, future plans, security or money. It could be something else. For example: your partner really needs to stay in the present and enjoy what you guys have together, the spark or the magic of the moment, not other aspects. you won’t be able to figure the real need in one day or in one moment, you will need quite some time. Once you are able to figure out the real need, it will make things easy and the relationship will be more intimate.

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Find out if your partner’s needs are being met.

This is related to our previous part, where you learnt the real needs of your partner. You did your part, now you need to check if all the needs are met and your partner is happy and content. To increase Emotional intimacy it is very important to meet the needs. When you are putting efforts to learn what your partner wants, try your best to give what she wants.

Give Credit or appreciate when it’s due.

When we are in a relationship, we often miss out on giving credits, simply because it is a part of the daily job. When she cooks food for you or when he gets you an ice cream. Of course saying thank you is too small for the efforts, instead just give him something of his/her choice. It will make both of you happy.

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Cuddle, romance and more romance.

We all know and acknowledge the magic of human touch. there is nothing called “too much” when it comes to cuddling or romancing your partner. The more you spend time kissing and cuddling her, the more you both will be intimate.

[Some science stuff: When you cuddle with someone you care about, your body releases a hormone called oxytocin which is also known as the “cuddle hormone” or the “love hormone,”. It can also function as an anxiolytic agent as it decreases stress hormone release in humans]

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Remember, Good times make good memories and good memories make the relationship stronger than ever.

Plan things together.

Either you are planning to buy a new house or planning for a small trip, include her in your plans. Take her suggestions, priorities into account and then make the final plan. She will feel the emotional intimacy and she herself will be invested in the new plan, whatever that might be. Communication between couples should not depend on only listening or saying, but also on implementing the whole thing together.

Plan dates periodically.

Remember, the times, when you used to ask her for dates, may be once a week or 10 days, but now, it has gone for only special days like an anniversary or birthday. I know you’ve been busy and working hard for a better professional life. Still, you need to give your partner the times you promised. You don’t have to do it every week or every 10 days, just do it once in a week and if you are busy, order pizza at home and make it a surprise. Trust me, her smile will make your whole week better. In case you have forgotten, go through the post Why do I love her. Along with romance, Emotional intimacy does depend on treating her special.

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Forgive each other.

Mistakes happen, if your partner did something unintentionally or is actually repenting his mistake, I would suggest you to not hold this to heart and move on. Relationships require a lot of adjustments and compromises. that doesn’t mean you wont hold him/her responsible, Just don’t let that one mistake ruin the whole relationship that you have established.


As I said in the beginning, Relationships are very complicated in nature and you need to give more everyday in order to continue it to be the way you started. Intimacy is not that hard to maintain. Please remember, people change, their thoughts, their needs, their plans change. In that situation, to keep up the sexual intimacy and emotional intimacy you need to put some effort from time to time in order to make your spouse feel special. Not everyone is good with expression of feelings and we all need to learn and understand those hidden signs in the relationship.

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