Hi there!

My friend asked me if I am interested in writing on the blog… I can write anything I want and I said “yes”. Now I started thinking about what can write? What will be a good topic? I wanted a good topic… After all, I was waiting for something like this… So I thought why not write about something which we all are waiting for… At least I am waiting for it. I am sure you guys will be able to relate to it, one way or the other. So sit tight and read…


I have been always waiting to grow up and I am sure we all must have waited breathlessly. So… The waiting starts… Waiting to grow up, so that I can make my decision and do not have to listen to anyone, because, as a kid, its been told to me that I am a kid and hence, I should listen to my elders because they know better than me. Well, now I am an adult… grown up enough, but still, they say the same thing.


Waiting for the exams to be over… so that I can chill for some time. My grandma always used to say “study hard. only then, your improvement will show in your exam sheets and once the exams are done, then enjoy. play. No one will ask you questions.” But she never told me that these exams are never-ending. As soon as I will complete one exam the other will be waiting for us.


Waiting for high school to be over, so that I can go to college. Once I will be in college, there will be no more school rules no more tough exams and no more proving yourself. Nobody told me that school is just the starting and I have to prove myself in each and every step of my life. Exams of life will be tougher and tougher and tougher.


Waiting for college to be over, so that I can get a job and earn some money for myself. After that I can buy whatever I want, I can go wherever I want to go. I can enjoy the evening with friends… no more questions of my whereabouts. No principal, no teacher. But no one has… ever… told me that earning money is tough. Evenings will not be as pleasant as I dreamt. And most important, there will be “Management Factor” in office and a person called “My Boss”…. which and who is far far faaaaaaaaaaar worse than teachers and Principal’s punishment and detentions in school.


Waiting to be free from the rules and regulations and to live life on your own terms. But that never happened. The responsibilities,  they tie you everywhere. First listening to parents,  teachers. Then boss and colleagues. Then once married,  listening to your partner, then kids. And waiting for the entire life to listen to yourself,  to understand your dreams. Just waiting…


No one has ever told that, do not wait to grow up. Once you are a grown-up,  you will never be free.  You will have a scheduled life then.  You are free now.  Enjoy it. Don’t wait…


Now waiting again… Again to be free as I used to be in school, as I used to be during my college, waiting for those free evenings with friends… carefree, burden-free, only listening to my family and teachers and obeying them… Waiting for my friends to give me some time to hang out as we used to do before.


Waiting to be a kid again