We are always fighting ourselves to get that extra inner peace while sipping coffee between short breaks at office, or while staring blankly through the window of 9th Floor to see the sunset and we are sitting with loads of work piled up waiting to be finished.

This is what our lives have become after we enter 25 years of age, we must quickly chalk out a plan to achieve our goals decided by our parents and the society before we turn 30. What is more painful is that we abide by it and work our ass off to turn that determination into reality, and in the process losing ourselves completely.

Some are lucky enough to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth, they graduate out of top B-schools and get the job at their feet waiting for them to hire. They start off with a perfect life. The actual struggle is faced by the middle-class people who must strive to become better in this rat race to reach at the top.

Our parents struggling to make ends meet and we are working hard to sustain our daily needs only to be sacked by private companies when they can’t afford to keep their organization in once piece or when they have made enough profit.

In this race of daily life, we lose ourselves, every new year is like a new hope that we will make new resolutions of solo travel or just go on a family vacations during Christmas or Diwali, only to learn in the third month of the year that the resolutions are going to go in vain.

The money kept aside for small vacation is used into something more important like replacing the old refrigerator of 20 years which is tired from functioning daily. Even it is screaming to be left in peace. Our budget is fixed and there are too many things to spend on.


For School outing or college excursion, our parents think about house-hold expenses first to accommodate our excursion cost and to cut out on something which is not important how to spend the month with ease and less tension, but it never seems to happen.

Somehow one of the siblings end up giving up something so that the other one could go for the school tour. Or the entire family just spend their weekend sitting at home watching movie on TV instead of going out to watch it in theaters.

However, we learned that we must let go of our desires, instead have to settle for something which is “good for the entire family” and letting our desires go in VAIN.

Life is hard, and people are even harder to deal with, but we must go on…………

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