Childhood memories are always to be cherished. I too have memories which I cherish till now and I want to go back to them. However, there is a part of my childhood that scares me till date. I do not want to recall those memories. I do not share these things with my friends or anyone. There are very few people in my life, who knows about these incidents. For example, my roommate & one of my very close friend. But, today I will be sharing this with you guys too.

My mother has grown of in a town called Serampore, near the City of Kolkata in West Bengal, India. Her family still stays there. It’s a joint family, means, her Parents and all the 7 siblings. My mom is the 6th one. The 1st sister (the eldest one) and the 3rd sister are not married. The 2nd sister was married and deceased now. Her son, my only cousin, who is elder than me. Then mom’s both the brothers and 2 younger sisters of her. At present all are married apart from the 1st and 3rd sister. There used to be 9 members at the house at that time, apart from my brother, me and my mom.

We used to visit my mom’s place every summer vacation. This house is built on the centre of the property and the entire property is covered with garden and trees. When I say trees, I mean big trees like Mango, Coconut, Jackfruit, Grapefruit etc… and there is a pond in front of the house. The other houses of the locality are built around the pond. But at our side, it was only our house, because we have a huge area. As I mentioned the house was situated at the middle of the property, hence, whenever, we used to enter the house, we had to cross a bit of the garden from the main gate and the entry to the building. As we used to open the main gate of the building, we used to find the hall, 2 rooms at left and 2 at right. Just in front of us on the right side, the staircase to 1st floor. On the left washroom and after the staircase the kitchen. And from the kitchen, we had the back entrance of the house. The stairs used to take a turn to go to the 1st floor. Rest of the bedrooms were on the 1st floor. This was the house building when I was young. Now it Is completely different, there are fewer trees and garden and more of the house.

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So I am talking about the time when I was around 8. As usual, every summer vacation, we were headed to mom’s place. It is 5 hours train journey from my place to her place. The train used to reach there around 9:45 pm. From the station, it is around 10 mins of walk to our house. As usual, this year I have entered the house with my parents and my little brother, who was around 1 and a half year old. But, this time the house seems different, I felt something as soon as I stepped on that property, which scared me. We crossed the garden and knocked on the door of the building. My aunt answered the door and welcomed us. I noticed that there is someone standing at the turning of the stairs in dark. He was really tall. I thought that is my cousin brother (as he is really tall) trying to scare me. I ignored and entered the 1st room. That was the first time I have seen that thing. Then during my stay over the vacation, I have seen that entity so many times standing in dark and staring at me, in a different part of the house. It scared me, but I haven’t discussed with anyone.

Next year the same thing. This time I told my mom about it. And she ignored it, thinking that it is my imagination. But it continued and the sightings increased. I tried talking to my family members about it, but everyone thought I am imaging things as I used to watch horror movies. I have been a fan of horror movies and books throughout my life. These sightings started scaring me very bad. Now I started seeing them in broad daylight. By now I have understood that it is not a human, as it is always black and the only thing is visible in their tall body is the pair of white eyes. That’s all. Now, I can see it, whenever I am alone. I have seen it in the washroom, in my grandparent’s room, in the kitchen, sitting under the staircase, in the garden, everywhere. It used to be freaking fast. For example, if I have seen it in the garden and ran to enter the building, then it will be waiting inside the building before me.

Next summer (I am 10 now), we entered the house, and it was standing there in front of the gate, behind my aunt. I nearly screamed looking at it. It was staring at me as if it did not want me to be there. The scary part was that, it used to look only at me, it never bothered to look at anybody else. It used to look at me as if it knows that only I can see it and it didn’t want to be seen. This year, I have seen it standing near my bed while I was sleeping at night and it scared me to death. Next morning, I decided to declare at the house that I see something. I did exactly as I thought. I told as people as possible and I noticed that I have not seen that thing in the entire day, evening or night. I thought I found a cure. So I thought to continue this thing. Next day again I have tried to make my family believe about this thing and no one gave a damn about it. They tried convincing me about my over imagination. This continued for 5 days.

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6th morning, I saw it again and I was scared as it was standing near head on the bedside. I tried telling my family again and got punished for telling lies. As a punishment, I slept in a different room with my eldest aunt in a separate bed. I was scared. Once the lights were off in the entire building, things started changing. The room was dark. The only source of light was the dim night lamp’s light from the hall. I was restless and scared that night. It was past midnight, I open my eyes to see this thing standing at the feet of the bed. I was scared so I closed my eyes and then reopen to find it staring at me from the same position. Then I realize that it is standing near my head and looking down at me. I immediately look near the feet to find out that it is not 1 its 2 of them. 1 standing near my feet and another near my head. Both were staring at me. At this point, I wanted to scream but I couldn’t. I thought to ignore them and turn to my left to find another one sitting in front of my face across the room. Whatever they were, they were 3 of them there. All staring at me. At this point, my body was frozen. I couldn’t move or scream. I was on my left on the bed. Then this 3rd thing started crawling towards me. Its eyes were fixed at me. It crawled and came to me to sit near my face, staring at my eyes. Those blank white eyes, without pupil, were scary enough to put you to sleep for life. I do not remember for how long I have stared at those eyes.

Next, when I open my eyes, it was evening, my mom and granny was sitting near me with worried expressions. I was in a different room. My entire family was worried. My eldest uncle’s doctor friend visited our place in within 2 hours. I couldn’t talk for the rest of the day. I remembered those eyes. But couldn’t speak. Next morning when I asked my mom, she told me that I had a high fever, and I woke after 2 days. Everyone was scared. I understood one thing that this incident took place because I tried reviling their presence to others. So I stopped talking about them completely, as no one’s going to believe me. But continued seeing them. All 3 of them. I understood the difference in them by now. One was very tall, one was the shortest among the 3 and the other was little different in appearance.

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When I was 15, my mom received a call from her sister. They spoke for a really long time, which was unusual as my mom doesn’t like to speak for a long time. She is a woman of few sentences. She was worried after the call. I asked what happened. She hesitated but eventually she had to tell me. So she said that there were 3 Ginns planted at our house. They have been sent to our house through black magic. They have found it out now that they were at that house over more than 5 years now. They were planted at our house to stop good things to take place. And now, as they have found out, they were planning for a huge clearance ceremony after getting rid of them. I wanted to tell my mom that these were the things which I used to see and tell you. If they would have listened to me at that time, maybe we would have stopped different bad things within the family.

Anyways, the house is cleansed now and I have never seen anything in that house again after the ceremony. I am relaxed and I feel safe, I am glad that my cousins don’t have to see any of the things I have seen in that house. They had a normal and healthy childhood.