Narcissistic personality disorder (also called NPD) As per Google, It’s A disorder in which a person has an inflated sense of self-importance.

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Falling in love with a Narcissist person, can cost you high. Some of the typical signs of a Narcissist person are as follows:

The sun rotates around them. Everything is somewhere or the other related to the person. Each conversation you have with the Narcissist, it directly or indirectly goes back to him. They are known to have a constant need for attention and there is no end to it.

Multiple Personalities. You won’t be able to believe how quickly this people change themselves from a loving partner to a Narcissist. On one hand they are very loving and caring and on the other hand they are very self-obsessed and kind of selfish. The pride and inflated ego drive the person and the loving character takes a back seat.

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Very attractive personality in the beginning. It will be a very sweet deal and too good to be true situation at first. You will start thinking, how is someone so perfect loving and taking care of me till the time you discover who the real person is. If you are considering a long-term relationship with these kinds of persons, then you seriously need to give it a second thought and consider all the possibilities of this relationship.

You are all alone. Narcissist are very good player, and the first thing they will do is isolate you from your family, friends and anyone who supports you. They will find wrong with everyone who is close to you and support you. Even if they are not even slightly related to you. The reason behind it is, it will be easy to get control over the person who is all alone. Be very careful when you are pushing away your best friends, family members or someone who is very close just because your partner wants you to do so.

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No respect for your feelings/opinions. Whatever you say, or feel doesn’t matter to the person. There will be no respect for your opinions or about what you feel. You will be neglected all the time during the relationship, which will result in doubting yourself and your decisions. Not only conversation but the goals, aims, choice each and everything that you can think of is about them.

Short tempered. As we already mentioned, it is always about them and that is the way everything goes. If the narcissist person doesn’t receive the proper VIP treatment from the partner, they quickly become impatient and angry. It is not about a day or time, that’s how they are almost all the time.

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Avoiding complete responsibility (We are not talking about your manager/wife). If something goes right and as they planned, it is always their credit which feeds the ego. On the same time, if something goes wrong or not as they planned, the blame, shame and everything goes on you. Even if you are no where related for the decision.

A whole new level manipulation. The narcissist will use all sort of manipulation to win over your confidence, it includes Gas lighting, telling lies, confusing and manipulating by telling different versions of story. Techniques such as belittling and playing the victim card, whenever something goes wrong is a common thing for them. As we stated earlier, narcissist will make you alone and then he will apply all sort of techniques to make sure. You can read the complete article about Gas lighting by clicking here. The narcissist will leave you completely confused about yourself and you will not be able to decide what exactly is wrong with yourself.

They won’t let you too close to them. The opposite is true, while your closest person will be your partner, and you will not be able to bridge the boundary. There is a strong wall, which is built by fear, insecurity and inferior complex and because of their continuous need of feeling VIP they won’t let you close where they are vulnerable.

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Forget your personal space. There will be nothing left in your personal space or personal time. Everything in your life will be dictated and controlled by your partner. For some time, it might look very romantic and caring, but it is not. Personal space is very important, whether you are single or in a relationship but if you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you won’t have that anymore.

How to move forward if you find out that the partner is Narcissist?

Get a Therapist. There is no alternative for this point. If you think you are really traumatized, contact people for help as soon as possible. You may think that you can handle this situation, but things can get out of control very quickly. Get help, if you need it.

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Think logically and practically. You can easily counter the manipulation tricks thinking practically rather than trusting anyone emotionally. Question yourself and your partner whenever s/he says something which logically has no value. Evaluating things logically will give you many answers, which you won’t be able to find while emotionally evaluating it.

Be prepared to make a choice. There will be a time in the relationship, where you must take a strict decision, be prepared for that. You can’t be adjusting yourself for the whole time (However, we completely understand that you must adjust a little bit in every relationship, but certainly not every time and in every situation).

Faiz had a real experience, In his own words: 

I’ve dated two girls who were Narcissist. Apart from carrying that annoying smell of makeup, one thing that I think was common in both was that they never liked anyone. They literally hated everyone except themselves. No idea how they liked me. They used to find something bad in everyone and criticized it.

My opinion
First of I would say, stay as far as possible from this type of person, they are really messed up and it would not take much time to mess up your life as well. Some of the points are dangerous and can have a very big impact on your personal life. In short, these kinds of people can screw up. So, try to stay away as much as possible. They may be charming and attractive and charming for a short period of time, but not for a long time.

Let us know in the comment section if you have encountered any such people and your experience with them.

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