We all have heard people say that they have been Unlucky in Love. Well! My case was different. I’ve been quite Unlucky in Friendship. I’m from one of those financially stable families where most people only remembered us when they needed something from us and staying in Hyderabad, you’re only remembered when people need something from you. Nobody even bothers to look at you once the work is done. I’ve stayed 16 years in Hyderabad before moving to Kolkata and don’t remember when was the last time I hungout or casually met a friend in Hyderabad. This changed my opinion about friendship. I believed that good friends and best friends only exist in Movies. The relationship called Friendship was actually an illusion for me. There was nothing real in it. The only thing that mattered was what the other person needed from you.
Then I moved to Kolkata and joined this company where I was about to go for my documentation. As soon as I entered the auditorium for the documentation, I was asked to sit till they called my name. Right across the seat there was another girl sitting. Me being a guy actually found the girl beautiful and kept looking at her till I realised that there were two guys sitting in in the next seat looking at the same girl. They looked at me and one of them asked me “Girl’s so good na?” I just nodded my head in agreement and then we just started talking on random topics. They asked me to sit with them. Their names were Rajesh and Augniv. Later on we also included the girl we were staring at and two other guys in our conversation. The girl’s name was Hera and the guys were Imran and Imon. None of us knew each other previously. Still we spoke and made fun of each other as if we guys know each other since ages. One of the management guys actually had to make us sit separately because we started to create quite a nuisance which was irritating everyone.

Tu Yaar Nahin.. Jaan hai Meri.❤ 2We left the premises after the documentation and were given the alternate date to come for induction. I was about to enter the gate on the induction when I saw someone waving me from a tea shop right outside the office. I went there and it was Rajesh who was standing there. We stood there and spoke for a while and then entered the induction room. Just like the previous day, we were again creating ruckus all over the place and the lady who was conducting the induction had to shout on us and make a complaint further so that we can be kept quite. That was funny actually. I mean we expected escalations against us but never expected them to be right on the second day. Since then, there was an unusual bond I had with Rajesh. We had the same thought process, same level of interest in work and equally dirty mind combined with filthier mouths. It never happened between us that we only remebered each other when we needed something. Even if we had no work we would just sit with our gang and chat about random stuff (ofcourse with extremely high usage of profanity).

Tu Yaar Nahin.. Jaan hai Meri.❤ 3We both were like.. Brought together by destiny. He’s more than a friend to me; like a Brother. We became famous on the floor for all the wrong things like playing up with the process, being loud and using profanity wherever we liked. Even now I need to control my language while writing this blog about us. Apart from that, I used to handle all his process related equipment replacements and he used to handle all my girlfriends after I broke up with them (I know its bad but I never told them to text him).

Tu Yaar Nahin.. Jaan hai Meri.❤ 4Honestly speaking, I’ve never told this to him but I just want to thank him for helping me change my opinion about friendship and make me believe that I’ve never been Unlucky in Friendship. He is the one who taught me the joy of just having chai-sutta (tea-cigarette) or bread-ghugni (bread and a curry made of sprouts) over KFC or McDonalds. I kept making mistakes and still he never gave up on me and supports me all the time even though if its my fault most of the time. He is my definition of brotherhood.

Tu Yaar Nahin.. Jaan hai Meri.❤ 5I had to leave the company and move to hyderabad because I found a better opportunity but we are in process of getting him to move to hyderabad as well. Last week I heard that he was awarded the Best SME (Subject Matter Expert- Team Manager in regards to process knowledge) for this Quarter. Its time for celebration. It was a huge achievement for him. I told him that I’m sending something for him and everyone who know us through my brother who landed in Kolkata three days back. However he doesn’t know that I haven’t sent anything. Its actually me who will be there waiting for him at Gate No.3 for a Chai-Sutta Treat from him.

P.S. I know you’re gonna read this. Don’t get emotional BC! Shaleen and Tanya mam made me write all this.😂🖕🏼

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