In this age of social media, where people celebrate hours of meeting one another, stupid anniversary posts for every hour, every day, every month they met. However if you are in a long term serious relationship, there will be several milestones and achievements which are worth celebrating rather than just a social media show off.

Nowadays, people prioritize showing off the relationship in social media more than loving the partner actually. There could be various reasons why people do it, for example:

Very young and new to dating.
Couples in the early stages of a dating relationship where one partner is a narcissistic personality disorder individual still in the love bombing phase.

Please refer to the links in the reference section to read more about the same, However, this post is not about psychology, but for the achievements which actually needed to be prioritized in today’s relationship.

In this post, let’s talk about important moments, some important achievements(which is worth celebrating) which you’ll be achieving if you are into a serious, meaningful and long term relationship.

Here are some of the important achievements/milestone to celebrate in a relationship:

First Date
I don’t think so I need to tell you the importance of remembering the date of the first romantic date, because if you are a guy, there are high chances that you have forgotten it and your partner gave you a good guilt trip. I am not saying it as a blogger, but as a boyfriend. Been there, did it, got beaten (just kidding). It’s an important date, if you are into a long relationship. That first day has a very important value in the heart of you. Date is not important, but yes, the memories are.

Making Love
This is one of the important milestones psychologically, especially if you were going through a rough relationship or experienced the loss of your loved one. This also means that you are finally letting your guards down and opening up to a new person. Having sex with a new person can be thrillling and adventurous and definitely unforgettable. If you are having sex after feeling the special bond and spark between you, the love making will be more exhilarating and passionate.

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Meeting family and friends
Meeting your partner’s parents is one of the most important days, as you are going to know people who raised your partner, the family, the people who are closest to your partner. A partner who is letting you in his inner circle and family, s/he is obviously serious about you and wants to take it forward. If someone is doing that for you, Congratulations, you guys did it, and it definitely calls for a celebration.

First trip together
If you are from a conservative or developing country, It must be a very big deal. Planning a trip together is always special, especially if the destination is in your travel list. Staying together with your loved one somewhere else can make any vacation an exotic one. If your partner agreed to travel with you, it shows up the confidence and trust in each other, which should be celebrated.

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Talking About Your Exes
It can be very awkward and sensitive to talk about one’s past. We all have a pathetic/sad/egoistic past, something or the other we have something we need to talk to our present partner about. Talking about your own past doesnt calls for a celebration, but yes it is definitely a major milestone, where you both are comfortable enough to talk about the topic.

Getting Engaged/Married
These are the well celebrated milestones in almost everyone’s life. Honestly, I think, yes, it should be celebrated. Unless you are a celebrity or someone with very high influences, it’s rare that you get engaged or married every 2-3 years. We normal people get engaged or married, when we are absolutely sure about our partner and our own commitment. If you have reached this far, trust me, you have to celebrate.

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Buying a Home together
This is not a small mile stone or pebble, this is a boulder. Buying a home together is a joint financial decision where both the people contribute their time, money and energy to buy a home together expecting a peaceful life together. It should be one of the most prioritized things to celebrate. You will have to pay complete attention to mortgages, taxes, decorating ideas, interiors in order to make the house a cozy home.

First Baby
This is the biggest milestone of all, it’s also a life changing event. No one is ever completely ready for this step. This baby will test you, your partner, your relationship and everything in your life. On the other hand, it will also make your relationship bond really strong. Raising a baby can be really tough, but imagine the photo-ops you would get on Instagram.

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Dropping your Little one to the School on the First Day
Going to drop off your kid to school is really an emotional job. You will feel the heavy heart with teary eyes to see the kid growing up. This of course is a great milestone that you will achieve in the relationship and trust me its worth celebrating.

Take a seat, think about all the time and experience you had with your partner. Of course you have celebrated more important dates in the relationship. As you and your partner go through life together there will be plenty of challenges, obstacles, joys, and successes. The challenge is how you’ll adjust to all of these changes, good and bad. As your relationship changes and grows, you will need to tend to it like a plant. Monitor it, feed it, and give it the attention it deserves.However these are some of the important milestones, which tends to leave a very deep mark on your heart.

If you want to add your celebrated milestone, feel free to comment in the section below, let’s have an interactive conversation. Like and share this post with your loved ones and especially if you have that annoying friend who is celebrating days of relationship.