In our lives, we all have some VIPs who never respond to our calls and messages, right?

Let’s talk about these self declared and self nominated VIPs, in this blog post.

Before that, these are the thoughts that comes up on my mind, share the post, if you agree with me.

We feel that we are no longer important to anyone, we already lost our respect and self-respect as we know that nowadays everyone carries their own phone, even in the washroom.

What did I do to upset you so much that you start ignoring my messages/communications? Are you trying some mind games that you just learnt it on social media? So, you think you are better than me? You no longer need me.

Declaring a war on the messages. Finally reading some friendship breaking apart quotes.

So, let’s figure out who are they, and why do they take time to respond or not respond?

VIPs. These people are self-declared and self-announced VIPs, and they think that ignoring messages of people will make them more important or maybe it will increase their worth. I just wonder if Facebook added a condition to verify your profile: The more you ignore message, the chances increases for you to get verified increases. Some people think that they are the most important person in the country and people should literally take appointments, before calling or messaging them, so that they can reply or call back without affecting their full-time business of ruling the imaginary kingdom.

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They are socially awkward creeps. They are just horrible. You must have imagined the superman in your life, creeping the hell out of you. Some people don’t know how to react or simply talk with other people they don’t like or interested in socializing unless there is a situation, where they need to, and that’s where the situation gets a little out of control.

They don’t care or value about you. They simply just don’t care about what you think, or what you feel. In most of the cases, we see that people are busy with their friends, partners and the people with whom they are attached to. Of course, we don’t fit to that list, which make us to the unavoidable ignore list. It’s very simple that the other person, do not care about us, what we think or what we do. They think that you are some random persons and you don’t deserve the amount of attention that you are looking for.

They want to avoid any unnecessary interactions. Some people have very little amount of patience with some stupid interactions. Especially, when they are not sure where the interaction might go on, or they have some previous horrifying experiences. Don’t worry you are not the only one, on the list to get avoided, there are also others facing the same with the person.

They are upset with you and playing passive-aggressive. You did something, some time ago, maybe you don’t recall, and the other person has a presentation along with the pie chart ready to destroy you. They are just waiting for the right moment to get triggered or a situation which will be in favor of them, and you will be done. They are just trying to avoid the messages from you, because they think that the time is not correct, and they need to wait for the correct time to attack you back.

Technology of Text Messages. Text messages has come a long way, like really long. For example, now a day we all have a cell phone with multiple sim cards, which means multiple numbers and multiple social accounts, which means more number of messages. In any given time, we all have 100 unread messages, tweets, emails, browsers, app notifications. If you switch off your data for an hour you will see some random shit notifications, which you have no idea about. In between people misses the important messages.

Let’s cut the crap, they don’t get back because they don’t care. If they are busy, they will simply write “I am busy”, or given the benefit of doubt, if you message him/her, they should get back 1 out of 3 times, that you contact them. I guess we already know the story, but still we are finding reasons to satisfy our doubts.

What to do if you are in this same situation?

Reset the Expectations. This is one of the most important thing to do in this situation. People are busy with different types of work, with different types of people. Let them be busy, carry on with your own work, just leave them alone. Its high time that you should change your priority and show the VIP busy persons that you can breathe and lead your own life without them. Read more about expectations in the relationships here.

Benefit of doubt should be given for the first time. There are high chances that the person is busy, and really didn’t get time of get back to you. But if you see they are continuously missing or avoiding your messages, may be its time to think about the value and priority they have in your life.

I totally understand that It isn’t easy to stay calm and deal with people who don’t respond to you. But as I have said earlier in my previous posts, it is not possible for us to plan everything and execute them without any issues or roadblocks. End of the day, it’s your life and time, think and decide for yourself and most importantly sort out the priorities and importance in your life.

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