To the one,

My knees go weak for,

my heart skips a beat for,

my lips quiver for

and I long for.

To the one,

that fills my stomach with butterflies.

and the ones who touch I can never have enough of.

I never knew the depth of passion love could bring until I found you.

The spark was undeniable.

The chemistry was magnetic and everybody knew.

There was no hiding the spark between us and avoiding the passion between us.

You broke down the walls in my heart and I began to fall in love for the first time.

Our hearts became one, while our souls entwined.

You made me change my ways and realize that nothing compares to loving another.

I wanted to give you my heart, soul, mind, and body. I didn’t want to hold anything back from you. I wanted to give you my all.

My happiness was in pleasing you. Making you smile and laugh. I wanted nothing more than for you to feel special. Making you happy made my heart flutter. I wanted to start my life with you despite our different paths. When we talked about having a kid and our future, that was sincere to my heart. I wanted a part of you with me forever.

You made me feel like a woman and showed me what a man really is. The way you took care and protected me. I felt safe with you and vulnerable at the same time.

Loved and accepted.

weak and strong

there was such an intense passion between us. I would get lost in your lips and time would escape from me.


You never believed how real my feelings really were. You never believed that my heart was yours and I wanted nothing more than a life with you.

Spent years trying to convince you. Put my life on hold to show you. But you never saw the truth. Our hearts were being torn in different directions and our paths were moving apart. We tried desperately to hold on to each other. Tightening our grip so we wouldn’t fall. Until our hearts shattered, ultimately destroying each other.

Never knew love could die. Until our flame was watered down and our spirits separated. I thought real love last forever, and we were meant to be.

Now I understand it was just a season and not a lifetime love. A season of lessons and growth. Without you, I wouldn’t know how to put myself first and not another. I wouldn’t have the strength I do. Even beneath the anger, you are still dear to me. Losing myself loving you, gave me the courage to love myself.

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