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Its time of the year again, where our news feeds will be full of new year resolutions like weight loss, no junk foods and others. But deep inside, we all know, the same people will celebrate new year’s/valentine’s day in McDs/KFCs and all, wishing for a miracle to happen.

For better understanding, we take losing weight/leaving junk food to be the new year resolution, since it the coolest thing till now. Let’s look at the reasons, why these resolutions don’t work

Peer pressure
Most of us take up this as a compulsory thing to do, in the holiday week. Everyone is picking up a cool new year resolution, even I should pick according to my niche and standards. I am not kidding, and probably group of people are smiling, as they have been in the same situation of getting tempted. Even happened with me quite a few times Lol.

Thinking too much but not enough action.
Once we started with the flow, we over plan things too much and make sure, everything is perfect. Starting from shopping to change in routines (only plans) and every possible thing to make sure, the resolutions work out. Now, let me remind you, everything is happening in our head. We plan – re plan – over plan – plan one more time. The entire time goes away in planning, without doing anything to make that happen.

We don’t believe in ourselves.
We are confident in ourselves, that previous time we failed, my friends failed, even we will fail. We are so confident in ourselves, it takes out the complete juice from us to complete, even start properly the task that we are planning to start or started with lot of energy. We do lack of confidence, when it comes to ourselves. I am not going to waste both of our time by writing a hell lot of self-confidence.

We treat it like a 100metres race.
How our thought process works: We must complete the task within 10 days or a month. My friend, it is not a Survivor/Roadies task, that you will win a prize to complete the task or get something which you desired. We should treat this as a marathon, may be a target for a longer period.

We don’t enjoy the process.
Forget about the new year resolution, talking about the time, when we are not well; to be specific stomach upset and we decide to give up on junk foods. We all know the hard time we have living without junk foods. Not only in terms of food. We all are aware of time we think about quitting smoke and boozing. We should be proud of ourselves that we are able to take such decisions, but instead that we keep cursing, till the time we are back with our old style.

We are too hard on ourselves.
When we start a plan or initiate an execution of a plan, the energy we have can be compared to the Thanos’s Infinity Stones. Human bodies, can’t process changes, so quickly, and when it comes to switch to good habits, the process becomes 10x harder.

We don’t analyze it/We don’t track out progress/failures.
We are not even sure if the resolution is even working, this issue comes up, when we work on something boarder plan, for example: weight loss or on measurements. We tend to forget or lose track of the current developments. If we are going to a wrong direction, we can only take proper steps, till there is time to undo it, or to work upon it.

We have no social support.
We all are aware of the best friends we have all around us, that give their 100% to make sure, that you fail, consciously or sub-consciously. Real friends were not enough to screw us, now we have social media self-proclaimed super heroes to judge us.

These are only some of the major reasons why the new year resolutions never stick or yield the results we target. Now, let’s have a look at the factors, which might make a little difference this time. I have shortlisted some of the points, which you guys might consider.

Just pick one thing
This reminds me of the famous saying “A jack of all trades is a master of none”, Concentrate on a single thing, instead of completing the whole life’s task in a week. We lose our concentration and planning, as we are unable to focus. Focus is very important, when it comes to completing a task, we set for ourselves.

This is the most important for the serious people, who are a little bit serious about this resolution. We need to plan things ahead. For example, if we take weight loss/removing junk from our diet, we need to plan the alternatives, diet chart and every small detail to minimize the falling back.

Pick a start date
We should be very particular about the start date, without thinking about starting the resolution tomorrow. This fucking tomorrow never comes, Judgement day might come, but not this tomorrow. So, take a marker up and mark it in the calendar/e-calendar/sticky notes/Evernote, or what so ever you are used to.

Accept failure
It is very important for each one of us to accept the failures and take it as a lesson and resume with double energy, but it should be never the reason to stop us from moving forward and working towards our goal.

My personal suggestion: Go for it buddy, show the MF people you can!!!!

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