This ongoing pandemic has taught everyone a lot, it has shown how wealth could be useless within a flicker of an eye. How uncertain life could be on the very next second!

Well, I am no exception here as well. From day one, this Covid-19 called in for a global pandemic, we have been home locked. It seemed to be pretty easy when it started. Sitting at home, getting feed on time, doing the work from home, it did not feel so bad unless one fine day I sit to watch the news. The pictures of those empty roads, the cries of the helpless for food, people trying to save their loved ones, a parade of dead bodies, shortage of basic oxygen and beds for treatment, the list goes on. I was shaken, to the core.

For me, things got worse when I lost smell one fine day. Yes, the virus did not leave me as well. I got a fever, I wanted to be embraced by my mom, but I could not. I could not even roam free in my own house fearing the deterioration of my parent’s health. But well, they got infected too. We were still lucky as we have multiple rooms in the house, enough money to get food and medicine on time. Thankfully, the oxygen did not leave us much, we were in a better state by God’s grace.

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My own room, my comfort corner, started haunting me. Day in, day out I was locked in there, looking at the ceiling or at the wall, and at times, at the phone where I am typing this in right now. Friends and relatives called in to check on how we were doing, but I was not able to talk more than a word at a time. My cough went bad and breathing issues too. So I continued to chat with people who were around on those days. With healthy food and proper medicines on time, things started to get better for me and my parents. I started speaking normally after almost a week. The smell came back, the fever went down. Undergone more medical tests and finally, things became normal.

Today even after five months when I am writing this experience, I still feel weak from the inside. My physical strength and immune system have become a mess. This little virus leaves a long-lasting weakness and void before it leaves your body. It is such a terrible disaster you get into that nobody even if really willing can be of much help. Nobody would physically come near you. Weird!

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I got into a couple of odd thoughts like are we human being paying for our own deeds? Like being cruel to other human and animals? Well then this virus should have had attacked the bad people, isn’t it? Why so many good people are dying? Even worse, suffering!

I have never seen my city so helpless. My own people, my country looks unknown to me. I have seen poverty here, but I have seen smiling faces too! I have seen people earning little for a day and feeding themselves and their family with happy face. Yes, I live in a country where most of the people are either poor or belongs to the lower-middle-class category, but they had been happy so far with whatever little bit they have. But now! All I see is death, agony, lack of basic needs.

In my entire work-life so far, I have not seen so many layoffs even from reputed MNCs and industries. The economy has taken away downwards. People losing their jobs, business going down, all I see is mourning. It is so heartbreaking to see the doctors and nurses breaking down, they feel so helpless for not being able to save lives! It pinches my heart to see front line worker themselves getting infected and dying. They are serving restlessly till their body gives up. The tears and sweat hiding behind those PPE-Kits are not desirable.

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And just when we thought things would go a bit better, the second wave of the pandemic comes in. My country is at its worst, the most helpless due to lack of medicines, oxygen, hospitals, facilities. All the front line workers restlessly trying to help, volunteers trying their best to run from one end to another to get the lead of supplies.

People are panicking, not getting vaccines, losing more of their loved ones day in day out. Almost four thousands of people are losing ‘their lives to this deadly virus. A small virus, that we could have easily avoided by maintaining the basic safety norms, and being vaccinated on time. But we lagged behind, lack of vaccine only made it worse. The dirty politics made it the worst!

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All I could do now is making small donations as per my capability hoping that it would reach the one in need. And I pray for the safety of all the good people who do not deserve to be a part of this mess. A lot of people are genuinely trying to help as much as humanly possible, I hope their effort does not go to zero. May everyone be happy and healthy soon. May this virus ends, we all get vaccinated before the third wave hits.

May my country, my city get back on track, they get lively, one of the most beautiful city and the country soon!