Initially I thought these were just rumors but recently we all witnessed the Banning of TikTok. It was removed from PlayStore and AppStore on Tuesday, 16th of April’2019. The reason for the Ban, according to The Economic Times was “Children using the app were vulnerable to exposure by sexual predators.” which is true to an extent. But the question remains “Is putting a ban on an app the only solution?”

Kids as well as adults are vulnerable to sexual predators and stalkers on other social media accounts as well though you’d find less people desperate to keep their profile up for a public view on Facebook and Instagram unlike TikTok. Apart from that it felt inappropriate sometimes to see kids dance to adult item songs wearing outfits that won’t suit their age. Somehow it took away the innocence that young kids have. Moreover, it was said that there were some users who encouraged pornography on TikTok.

On a personal note, I think the founders/developers/admins of TikTok might have had a different vision when they created this app, but the users took straight down to the Gutter. Even now you can find some TikTok Videos on YouTube which are downright Vulgar, Inappropriate and Uneasy to Watch. The sad part is most of them are performed by Kids who are just Teenagers.

However there have been some really Talented users as well who have been at loss because of the ban. There are some video creators who created Unique and Funny Short Videos. Some of them are really Good Dancers as well. But I’m sure they have many other platforms (like YouTube) to showcase their talent in front of the world. And when you have talent, you do not need to show off teasers of your breasts and cleavage in a 15 second video. There are other alternatives porn giants (like Brazzers, Naughty America and Pornhub) for the same where you can make longer videos.

In the end, TikTok is one of those applications which did not added any value in the society. All thanks to some of its users, majority of the people (including me) disliked it since the beginning and were happy about the ban. I would just thank our Honorable Court for such a decision.