There has been a thought running in her mind always, especially when she feels lonely. From her childhood till a while back she had a concept about “Forever” until she was shattered by the people whom she thought to a keeper. She has always given her best to believe that someday somewhere she will meet her ‘FOREVER’.

While walking through the beach in the midnight, she is hoping that tonight it might be the night for her. She trusted someone before, who promised to be by her side, till the last breath. She never knew if she was in love with him or not, but all she knew was she trusted what he said till she found out that the same guy is sleeping around with her friend. A friend whom she thought to be a forever, a lover she firmly believed to be madly in love with her even if she was not. When she came across the truth, she slapped him and walked away. She did not look back.

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She left the city and moved to a completely new place with still a hope to find her Forever. She started working in everyone’s dream company. She was moving on from her past but one though always kept on coming back. Forever! She came across people randomly making out with anyone, she saw people changing their partners every now and then and still being happy.

Nothing and nobody attracted her till she completely broke down one fine night in front of that guy. Someone, who always caught her eyes, but she never really spoke to. Till today, she doesn’t know why she cried in front of him. Nobody saw her tears before, but he did. They became friends. Little did he knew that he meant something special for her. Every moment she would want him to talk to her, to be with her. But of course, it did not happen the way she wanted it. She found out him to be committed to someone else. He was someone’s forever and she did not want to be anywhere in between them.

He was Aarhant Somani. She was Pauravi Mukherjee. They kept on talking, like friends. In her boring days, he was the one who brought smile on her face. She liked it and let it go the way it was. But again! Forever was not for her. She felt sick, she was called back home. She left him.

Today, three years later, Pauravi is awaiting Aarhant at Marine Drive. She does not know herself, why did she agree to meet. She does not know why he called her suddenly after three long years. But she came. Staring at the waves she soothes her eyes. It’s something that always has brought peace to her. He came. She saw him coming but she chose to not see him first. He comes and hugs her from back. She turns, stares directly through his eyes, and still could not ask why! They exchanged a smile.

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He held her hand firm and they started walking through the waves. She feels complete. Things started feeling better when he said, “I missed you.” She missed him more she could bet. She does not say it. He stops and turns towards her and kissed her on her cheeks. Before she could react to it, he hugs her tight. He could feel the goosepimples all over her. He kissed her ear and she tighten her grips. He could feel her nails poking through his shirt to his back. They kissed. A kiss in Marine drive in the midnight-nothing could be more perfect that this, she thought.

“I am here directly from the airport. I feel tired. Can we go back to our rooms?” He asked.
Broke from the embrace, she answered confused, “Yes, yes. Sure!”

On their way back to the hotel, they spoke like they are still in the same office, sharing the same shift and as if nothing changed. After reaching the reception of the hotel, he checks in. They were moving towards their respective rooms when he asks, “Wanna catch up for a movie after I freshen up?” She says, “I have some good wine with me and chocolates.” “Perfect!” He winks.

After a good thirty minutes, she hears a knock on her door. She opens it. “Someone is looking hot, ehh!” She blushes but somehow managed to hide her pink face in the dim light. He enters her room and sat on the sofa. She keeps on watching him for a while. White t-shirt, black casual trouser, neatly combed hair, his specs on. A sudden thought runs in her mind. “Am I overdressed? Fuck!” She was in her cute little black dress, her favorite. He gets up and come close to her. She stops breathing. He takes the remote from the table beside her and they both burst out laughing.

“So? Which movie?”
“You decide.”
“I thought you said you will watch a movie, is not it decided already?”
“Are you really that stupid or just faking it?”
“Alright! I dare you. Fifty shades of Grey?”
“Fifty shades darker?”
“Darker it is.”

He starts screening the movie from his mobile to the TV screen while she starts pouring the wine. She throws the chocolate towards him. He gives her a blank look. She smiles, faking it. He shifts on the bed and she joins him.

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“Cheers!” They both take a sip staring at each other. He finishes off his drink in a single shot!
“Easy! Wine is supposed to be enjoyed with slow sips.” She insists.
“I wanna get drunk tonight”
“Then go slow”
“What about you?”
“Alcohol does not get me anywhere! Just a waste. I have something else with me.”
“I am also trying it.”
“I thought you don’t smoke.”
“Everything has a first-time babe! Anyway, what exactly is it? “He point out to the coin she is holding.
“Manali cream.” She winks.
She rolls with perfection and light it. She let him take the first drag. He does. She starts laughing, “Come on Man! Don’t waste it. Inhale it or give it to me!”
“I am doing it all perfect! Huh!” He insists.
“Aww!” He is still so cute, she thinks.

He passes the roll, she takes it and takes a long drag. She is a pro, he thinks. She took the next drag when he pulls her on him. She loses the balance, unaware of how she should react, she goes blank. Confused, she takes another drag when he snatched it from her hand and put it off, aside. You don’t need it anymore tonight. He pulls her closer a little, and bends towards her. Their eyes met, followed by their lips. First slowly and then with all the passion she had she squeeze his lips with her. He rolls his tongue along with hers. Their grips tighten when he reaches her neck. He rolls his tongue all over her neck, she moans softly in his ears and then bites it. A current like flow runs through his spine and he holds her tighter. She cups her face and plant a kiss on his nose. He bites her back on her nose. She screams in pain and he shuts her with kiss on her ears.

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Goosebumps fill up her body when his hands reach to unhook her. His cold hands give her spine chill and he unhooked her with perfection. She bends, backwards. His mouth reaches her globe, tongues playing perfectly with the bosom. She closed her eyes and enjoys the moment. Her hands reach his groin, he is tight. He starts to breathe faster. Slowly, she unzips him and starts playing with his knob. He throws her beside him and goes up on her. He bends and starts kissing her all over. Starting from forehead, he goes to her eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, neck, between her cups, her bare belly, on her navel, goes lower, then twat. She moans loud this time. Her moans give him adrenaline rush. He enters her. Slowly, gently he goes with the strokes and then he starts moving faster. Her nails scratch his back. She cross leg herself and makes it easier for him to move. He gives her a straight look and she felt a liquid flow inside her. Both collapsed.

Soon after they were done, they fall asleep. Well, she did not, she just pretends to. Once she becomes sure that he is asleep, she leaves the bed, take the roll back from the table, lights it, wraps herself with the bedsheet and goes to the balcony. Taking the drags, she repeats whatever just happened inside her mind. She wonders, why she allowed him to do it. Nobody touched her till date, he did. She wonders, why did he come to meet her? Just sex? Just fun? Or he had a break up and he needed a change? Or is he too in love with her? Her thought interrupts with a phone beep. It was his. At 4 am in the morning, who would text him? Her heart skips a beat. She gathers some courage, walks towards the drawer where the phone was kept, takes it in her hand and unlocks it. Thankfully he never keeps a lock on his phone.

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The phone light makes her face clearly visible. The tears started rolling down from her eyes. The silence of the night witnesses her heart break. It was his girlfriend.

The text says, “I miss you so much baby! I hate your boss. Why did he have to send you only for the project? Call me soon. Love you loads.”

She knew she was in love with him, always, from the very first time they spoke. She never confessed this to him. She knew he had something for her too. The way he always spoke to her, she knew there was something. But she did not force it. After leaving the company where they both were together, they did not talk much. She was doing okay. But when he asked her to meet, she could not deny it. She did not want to know why he wanted to meet her. Even now she does not have the answer. All what she knows that there is someone expecting her forever to return home and that forever of her is lying down in-front of her, naked, tired from the course they just had.

She wants to wake him up and ask him what is going on and if this lovemaking means anything to him. She wants to know if he feels anything for her. She wants to know if he finds his forever in her or in someone else. She wants to know if he even believes in forever?

She stays put. She checks out from the hotel even before he wakes up. She blocks him from everywhere. She puts on a status on her Facebook. “FOREVER IS A LIE!”