We all go through certain times where we lose our closest one which creates a huge void in our life that is never replaceable. The void that death brings in our life, nothing else could fulfil that.

We come across such a situation when we do not have the answer to what exactly has happened to that life just before his death. The reason today I am writing this because two days back I have lost someone whom I loved more than my life. Yes, he was my pet. He was my rabbit, my brother, my partner in crime, my Kukku. While coming back from a trip I got a call from my elder sister that Kukku was not keeping well, he is not waking up, he has stopped eating. So I asked her to take him to the vet. After a few hours, I got another call and he was no more.

I was shocked, shattered, broken, clueless. After becoming a little stable I got to know that he died because of dehydration. The shocking fact was, from the day he has come to my house, he never drank water. All of a sudden how could he become so serious because of dehydration? Next day I was told that she took him to the vet at 5 am but when she called us and asked us what to do it was 10.30 am. Next day I got to know from our tenant that she admitted him in hospital early morning and never went back to bring him home.

Today, I have no idea what exactly had happened to him. Did he even die? If yes, then what was the exact reason? If not then where is he? Did they sell him off? Did they kill him to sell off his meat? When the doctors were inquired, they said that he was treated and he was all fine and he was taken back. He showed documents too. What could be the least possibility is Kukku jumped off from her lap and ran away somewhere.  I have no idea about anything and unfortunately for the rest of my life, I will have no other option but to consider him dead and be clueless forever about what he had to go through at his last minutes.

When a person dies not a natural death, they need to go through postmortem in order to find out the reason behind their death.

Today I want to know, even if we get to know the reason behind their death, does that really console us? Does that bring the person back?

The answer is ” NO”.

Rather, after postmortem, seeing the body in deformed condition makes it more painful.

The one who has left us will never come back and all that we could wish for them is that wherever they are, may they rest in peace.

But what about us? We are still alive and will have to live with the fact for the rest of our lives that we have lost the one we have loved. All that we will be left with is their memories. We might not have the one back, we might even never know what has happened and how and why the one had to leave us, but in order to overcome, we should always have their memories with us. Hence, each and every moment spent with our beloved should be special.

I have lost my brother 2 years back and once again I have lost my pet 2 days back who was no less than my brother. Life is tough, but it goes on. I might never be able to overcome the fact that I will never be able to see them again ever, but I will live. I will remember all those happy moments I had with them and I will smile. The void Kukku has created will never be fulfilled. I promise him to be a better keeper going forward.

May you find peace, wherever you are! Dead or alive. :-)